Nightwing Suits in Gotham Knights, Ranked (2023)

Nightwing Suits in Gotham Knights, Ranked

Warner Bros. Games takes us back to the crime-infested city of Gotham in their latest title Gotham Knights. This time, there’s no Batman.

Instead, we get to play his mentees, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin, as they investigate their mentor’s death and take the reins as Gotham Knight. In the game, each character looks heavily inspired by their appearances in the DC comics, but they also come with other unique suit styles designed by the developing team of Gotham Knights.

A good chunk of them can be acquired throughout the story, but the rest are obtained by pre-ordering Gotham Knights and purchasing the game’s deluxe edition. 

Formerly known as Robin, Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, has become a fan favorite. He’s a born leader and is respected by friends and enemies, mainly due to his wholesome personality, which his deceased mentor didn’t have.

Thankfully, Gotham Knights didn’t do him wrong by giving him an interesting storyline, cool weapons, and a great wardrobe to play around with.

Best Nightwing Suits in Gotham Knights

Here, we ranked all the suits for Nightwing in Gotham Knights from worst to best.

15. Shinobi


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As expected, there’s a ninja variant of the suits in Gotham Knights. It seems like they put a lot of effort into designing this, but it’s still one of the worst-looking suit styles in the game. The Shinobi only looked great on Robin, but I wouldn’t say I like the way they contrasted the blue with a bright orange on Nightwing’s suit, which looks cheesy. 

14. New Guard

New Guard

The New Guard is just hard to look at, mostly due to the bright blue accents. The structure of the suit is missing ‘oomph’ and it honestly looks like Nightwing just threw a leather jacket and pants on, then spray-painted some parts blue.

It feels lazy and cheaply designed, which is a bummer as the bright blue elements would’ve been friendly to see at night in Gotham city.

13. Knight Ops

Knight Ops

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not bad. But the militaristic elements and the red accents of the Knight Ops suit.. feel out of character, which is an issue I have with other red Nightwing suits in Gotham Knights.

We already have Red Hood and Robin for that, and taking away Nightwing’s blue doesn’t make sense to me.

12. Year One

This has a great concept but poor execution. While the costume is meant to resemble the heroes’ outfits during their earlier years, it’s actually different from Nightwing’s when he first appeared in the DC Comics, where he wore a blue and yellow leotard.

It has light blue accents, but the rest doesn’t pay any homage to the original Nightwing costume.

11. Demon

Demon transmog

No doubt, it’s a well-designed suit. If it were on any other superhero, I would’ve appreciated it.

However, the Demon suit doesn’t feel like a Nightwing suit. You can barely recognize him in this suit, and the only way you can kinda tell is by his symbol, but even that is difficult to do.

10. Talon


This type of suit grows on you as you wear it more. The Talon ranks higher than the suits we mentioned earlier because it still manages to be a Nightwing suit despite being completely different.

Apart from that, the feather scales on the chest plate are an excellent detail.

9. Privateer


The Privateer is also another well-designed suit style. It’s a perfect fit on Dick Grayson, but it would look even better if everyone else on the team wore the same as well.

What I like the most about this suit is that it makes him look like a pirate, and the long hair goes well with it.

8. Default

default nightwing suit

This is the outfit you start out with at the beginning of the game. While early suits are meant to lack some pizazz to entice you into unlocking better costumes, Gotham Knights still has one of the best default suits.

It’s also one of the closest suits you can get to Nightwing’s OG look, and the mix of armor and casual attire in this look gives him character while still looking practical for fighting.

7. Neon Noir

Another suit that pays homage to Nightwing’s comic book appearances but with a more casual tone to it. I like how the blue accents make it look like he’s wearing a leather jacket, though I wish that they didn’t extend his shirt past his belt to look like a skirt. Still, it’s a decent suit overall.

6. Metal

metal suit

The Metal suitstyle is cool if you’re going for a ninja look. It’s also one of the best for all the other characters. However, I’m not really a fan of Nightwing’s helmet in this suit style.

Although it makes him look quite intimidating, I wish they could’ve given it a more structured look like the other members. 

5. Eternal

eternal transmog

While he does appear in Batman Eternal, we don’t actually get to see Nightwing’s suit. Instead, the one we see in Gotham Knights is an original design. I like that it’s armored but not too bulky, making it feel more agile to wear. His mask also looks armored, much like the one in his Shinobi suit.

4. Beyond

This is what Dick Grayson would look like if he actually wore a suit in the Batman Beyond comic series. It’s one of my favorites because it manages to be futuristic without looking too corny. Making the metallic blue accents and silver parts was a great choice. 

3. Knightwatch

Knightwatch transmog

If you’re looking for a suit that actually looks like Nightwing from the comics, then Knightwatch is your best bet. The Nightwing suit has a perfect contrast of blue and black, without one color overpowing the other, which is always the case with every other suit style.

Some parts of the fabric seem to be made of stretchy latex, making it different from his sturdier armor. On top of that, the symbol on his chest also stretches out to his fingers, which is a really nice touch. 

2. Titan

titan nightwing suit

The Titan is a full black suit that looks amazing on Nightwing. It reminds me a bit of Batman with its armored look – it’s sleek and not too bulky, with the white accents popping out just nicely. To get the Titan suit for Nightwing, you’ll have to complete all Knighthood challenges using his character. 

1. Knighthood

knighthood transmog

The Knighthood is arguably the best suit style in Gotham Knights. It has a build similar to the Knightwatch and gives some nods to Batman’s suit. Those who’ve played Arkham Knight might also notice some similarities between Nightwing’s costume there and the Knighthood suit.

The only difference is that the symbol is outlined with blue, and the rest is pure black. If you want the Knighthood suit style, you’ll have to beat the entire game with any character.


That’s it for our ranking on all of Nightwing’s suits in Gotham Knights! We hope you’re now on your way to get your hands on some of these suits. Keep in mind that the order of our list is purely based on opinion, some may prefer the lower-ranking ones over the ones on top.

It doesn’t really matter in the end, as most of the suits don’t offer any tactical advantage. It just depends on what you prioritize. If you enjoyed this guide and want to see more, feel free to check our other Gotham Knights-related guides.

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