Best Batgirl Suits In Gotham Knights, Ranked (2023)

Best Batgirl Suits In Gotham Knights

All of the heroes in WB Games’ Gotham Knights are iconic, and Batgirl is no exception. While there are several women who share the Batgirl alias in the DC Universe, Barbara Gordon dons the mask in this newest action role-playing game.

She’s a tough cookie alright, but she’s also intelligent and a genuine friend. Barbara Gordon also comes with a full wardrobe to complete her look. 

Like the rest of the characters, Batgirl’s suits are inspired by Bruce Wayne’s Batsuit while still having some elements that allow her personality to shine through.

There are 14 costumes you can unlock in Gotham Knights, most of which can be acquired by progressing through the story, finding them in hidden areas, or as a bonus reward from the pre-order and deluxe version of the game. 

Gotham Knights Batgirl Suits Tier List

Here, we rank every suit Batgirl has available in Gotham Knights, from worst to best.

14. Year One

Year One

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The concept for this suit style is interesting. It’s meant to pay homage to the characters’ suits during their starting years as a hero. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re just plain ugly.

Apart from the bat ear mask, the costume doesn’t really pay homage to Barbara Gordon’s first appearance in the DC comics. While there are some similarities, this feels more like a reimagining done by the designers. 

13. Shinobi


The Shinobi has to be my least favorite suit style in Gotham Knights. While the idea of having Japanese warrior-inspired costumes is cool, it’s way too ‘mecha’ and distracting to look at.

The early concept art for the Shinobi was actually good and it’s a shame that it didn’t translate well on screen. Barbara wasn’t also part of any ninja clans in the DC comics, so it doesn’t make sense for her to wear this outfit. 

12. Knight Ops

Knight Ops

Some people like the Knight Ops, but I feel like it needs more character. It does make her look a little bit intimidating, mostly because it looks a lot like the Batsuit from The Dark Knight trilogy.

If you’re not into the whole purple and yellow color scheme on Barbara, then this will make a fine addition to her wardrobe.

11. Neon Noir

Neon Noir

While the overall structure is great, the full-on purple color scheme doesn’t work on the Neon Noir. I’m also not a fan of the fabrics used on the armored parts. It makes Batgirl look childish and less “noir” if you know what I mean.

Other people have customized their Neon Noir suits and adding black really helps balance everything out. It’s definitely an interesting suit style, but they could’ve done it better.

10. Metal


The Metal transmog suit looks amazing on all the characters, especially Batgirl. It makes her look mysterious and evil at the same time. The colors contrast greatly against each other, and I like that it looks practical on Barbara without being too distracting and bulky. 

9. Eternal


Another incredible transmog suit for the Gotham Knights heroes, which makes a reference to the Batman Eternal comic series. In the comics, she wears a similar belt and details on the sides of her suit.

The beauty of this suit is that it makes use of the purple and yellow color scheme without looking cheap. Overall, I think the Eternal stays true to who Batgirl is.

8. Talon


The Talon sure is a strange concept, as the suit is inspired by owls instead of the usual bat. But it’s an outfit you learn to love the more you wear it, which happens to be the case with Batgirl. She looks like a badass assassin that could kill you with just her claws alone.

It’s even more terrifying imagining what it looks like if the Gotham Knights members joined the Court of Owls. I like that they made the eye holes bigger on the helmet, and the owl feathers are a nice touch. 

7. Demon


This suit reminds me a little bit of Marvel’s Moon Knight due to the wrappings around her arms and legs. It’s hard to say what the best part about this costume is because every aspect of it is so darn good.

Starting off with the helmet, the mask detail makes her look mysterious. I also appreciate how despite it being fully armored Batgirl’s Demon suit doesn’t sacrifice her femininity.

6. Privateer


The pirate aesthetic that the Privateer suit style is going after works. The designers obviously took their own creative liberties working on this, and it does look amazing. I respect that the developers decided to explore other concepts, it didn’t work for suits like the Shinobi, but the Privateer is testimony that you should take risks sometimes.

While they do veer away from the original looks of the heroes, there are still some elements that help you identify them, such as the eye mask and the purple-and-yellow color scheme.

5. New Guard

New Guard

This is Batgirl’s default suit in Gotham Knights and it’s the easiest one to get. This has been used for most of the promotion of the game, so it’s not hard to see why WB Games decided to make their default costumes look so good.

My only issue with it is how short the cape is on Barbara, as it feels more like a prop than a practical piece of clothing. Despite that, it‘s a suit that screams ‘Batgirl’ and every element of the outfit looks like they were taken straight out of the comics.

4. Titan


From the name itself, the suit is inspired by the Teen Titans from the DC Universe. While Batgirl isn’t really a part of the team, they did give Barbara her own costume.

The suit utilizes a black and gold color scheme that looks luxurious, and the armor also has the right amount of bulk to make it feel like she’s protected enough. 

3. Beyond


This is the fanciest of them all and is the most difficult to get. If you’re not a fan of capes, then Beyond is your best bet. It’s a futuristic suit that is eye-catching but also not too distracting to wear as you navigate the streets of Gotham.

Inspired by the Batman Beyond animated series, each outfit for this suit style is coated in black and is accented with the characters’ primary colors. For Barbara, making the yellows metallic results in gold.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy the deluxe or the collector’s edition of Gotham Knights to snag this fancy suit.

2. Knighthood


The game definitely has its way of making you miss Bruce Wayne, as the Knighthood suit style bears a lot of resemblance to his classic Batsuit.

The Knighthood makes use of gold accents on Batgirl, which never fails to elevate her look. The suit just looks like it’s dripping in black, which always looks great when you’re exploring Gotham city. If you want to unlock this suit, you’ll have to complete all the Knighthood challenges in the game.

1. Knightwatch


Batgirl’s Knightwatch suit is arguably her best and is the one that is closest to her iconic appearance in the DC comics. If the Beyond suit was the fanciest, then the Knightwatch is her most dramatic.

It takes all the good elements that are present in her other suits such as the latex material, the gold accents, her signature purple color, the chest logo, and the cowl shape to finish it up.

Overall, the Knightwatch seems to be a worthy reward for completing the main storyline.


And that’s all of Batgirl’s suits in Gotham Knights, ranked! What do you think? What’s your favorite out of them all? Keep in mind that this ranking is purely based on opinion, and some may think that others on the lower tier deserve to be higher. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference.

We hope you’re now on your way to get some of these outfits to add to Barbara’s wardrobe. There are also lots of other interesting things you can collect in Gotham Knights, such as weapons and gadgets.

If you’d like to keep up with all things Gotham Knights-related, feel free to check out our other guides here!

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