All Playable Characters in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Ranked (2023)

All Playable Characters in TMNT: Shredder's Revenge, Ranked

For the past 30 years or so, you could only play as either Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game series. That is because the franchise revolves around the four half-shelled brothers trained in martial arts to fight evil forces in New York City.

That trend has been broken ever since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge was released last year after it featured more playable characters.

This gives fans a perfect opportunity to invite more friends to kick some butt. On local co-op, you can have up to four players on a team. Shockingly, you can also have up to six players in online mode. It’s the perfect recipe for chaos, and the difficulty of the game and the number of enemies you encounter bump up a notch the more players you’re with. 

If you’re wondering which fighter you should choose, we’ve ranked all seven playable characters in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. Just make sure you call dibs on them first before others do!

7. Master Splinter

Master Splinter

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  • Range: 2/3
  • Speed: 1/3
  • Power: 3/3.

While he’s technically their sensei and dad, Master Splinter is the least exciting character to play in the game. He shines as a fighter in co-op play, but he comes up short in solo runs.

His weapon isn’t also that fun to use. Because he’s old, you’re only left with his walking stick and claws to defend yourself. Splinter does have decent stats, but speed is not one of them, given that he is perhaps the slowest fighter on the roster.

Because of this, his character struggles a lot with higher difficulties. The only thing that keeps him alive later on is his powerful special attack, but his poor speed is unquestionably his downfall. That being said, he clearly excels as a powerhouse combined with other heroes who can keep enemies distracted.

6. Donatello

  • Range: 3/3
  • Speed: 1/3
  • Power: 2/3.

Donnie makes up for his lack of speed with his range. Being a technician on his team, he isn’t particularly exceptional in combat.

But while he may not be as quick as his siblings, you’ll notice that his bo staff can deter enemies without having to go near them, giving you the right amount of time to plan out your next attack. 

He gains a significant edge by when you place him in strategic spots to make the most of his heavy-staff strikes. Donatello can also easily defeat several enemies at once, thanks to the length of his staff. Because of the range, he is also more beginner-friendly.

He’s just waiting for a skilled player to unlock his full potential in combat. 

5. Leonardo

  • Range: 2/3
  • Speed: 2/3
  • Power: 2/3.

Leonardo is the safest pick on the roster and is the best fighter to choose if you’re a beginner to the game. His balanced stats makes him a perfect all-around choice, plus, it feels cool playing him because he wields twin katana swords.

His weapons have a decent range, which is great for keeping enemies at bay and simultaneously dealing a hefty amount of damage. 

Some may argue that this makes him too basic, but it gives him great synergy with other characters like Donatello. In addition, if players decide to engage in face-to-face combat, he is still a competent fighter.

So if you’re going solo as Leo, you can rest assured that you’ll breeze through all difficulty levels just fine. 

4. Casey Jones

Casey Jones
  • Range: 3/3
  • Speed: 2/3
  • Power: 2/3.

Shredder’s Revenge allows up to six players, but there is a seventh character you can unlock in the game. That is only after you complete all sixteen episodes and defeat the final boss.

Once the credits are rolling, you’ll be notified that Casey is available the next time you play. This obviously means that he’s incredibly powerful, which is true. But he’s not ranked higher on this list for several reasons.

In higher difficulties, he tends to falter, but his strikes’ wide range has often come to his rescue.

3. April O’Neil

 April O'Neil
  • Range: 2/3
  • Speed: 3/3
  • Power: 1/3.

This is for people who argue that TMNT is just a boys’ game. Our favorite reporter April is finally a playable character, which is a huge deal since she has played the damsel in distress who often gets kidnapped in previous TMNT games.

Thankfully, the developers decided to change the narrative and made her a force to be reckoned with.

She’s not as strong as the Turtles, but she can handle herself in battle. She’s a no-brainer pick if you’re a female in your friend group, but that doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy using her as well. With a microphone and TV camera, she wields them as weapons to beat her enemies.

This makes her more of a melee character, so keep that in mind. 

2. Michelangelo

  • Range: 1/3
  • Speed: 3/3
  • Power: 2/3.

Personality-wise, Michelangelo ranks at the top of the list with his witty dialogue. But that’s not what this guide is about, so let’s talk about his stats. Let’s start by eliminating his one obvious flaw: his range. This is mostly because he prefers to use nunchucks as a weapon.

But that isn’t his detriment, he may not have the best range, but his speed and power ratings, together with his special attack that can deal many blows, make him a great fighter overall.

1. Raphael

  • Range: 1/3
  • Speed: 2/3
  • Power: 3/3.

We all knew this was coming. Being the leader of the team, it’s no wonder Raphael sits at the number one spot. Raphael’s strikes are swift, but their force alone overpowers that.

Like April, he can move while using his special attack, but only to a limited extent. This allows players to control his direction when the attack is triggered. Additionally, his sliding assault unleashes all of his might, pushing his opponents about before they can strike back.

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