Elden Ring Twinblades Location & Build Guide (Updated)

Elden Ring Twinblades Build Guide

Whether you’re new to Elden Ring or someone who used to play Dark Souls before, it’s hard to not know about the significance of the Twinblades.

Sellsword Twinblades are one of the best weapons that the Souls series has to offer and they’re strong to the point that the community often dubs them Winblades.

Elden Ring does not have Sellsword Twinblades, but the game does have its own Twinblade category that includes some really good weapon options and as usual, dual-wielding them is what brings the Twinblade builds to their true potential.

It can take several hours to figure out the best build for a certain weapon or stat in Elden Ring. So, we’re here to save you time with our recommended build that will get you started out in the right direction.

Let’s jump right into the best Elden Ring Twinblades build guide!

Where to Find The Twinblades In Elden Ring

For early gamers or new players to the souls game, here’s the Twinblades location in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Best Twinblades Build

Recommended Class: Warrior.

We suggest picking the Warrior class because its 15 starting Dex points are very close to the 18 Dex requirement for wielding the Twinblades. If you’re willing to wait a bit until you can use the Twinblades, then you can go with any class that you like. 

Keep in mind though, that the Godskin Peeler Twinblade requires 22 Dex instead of 18 like the rest.

Core Stats: Dexterity (40), Vigor (30), Strength (30), Arcane (15), Character Level (50).

These are our recommended stats for this build. Anything higher is always a good thing as long as you don’t reach the Hard Cap, and anything lower is usually not preferred. However, it’s okay to be lower as long as the enemies don’t seem to be too difficult to damage.

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Recommended Talisman: The Twinblade Talisman

This Talisman enhances the final hit of chain attacks, which is a great option for Twinblades.

Mandatory Gear: Nothing in particular, but anything that scales well with Dexterity and Strength works

  1. Right Hand: Any Twinblade of your choice
  2. Left Hand: Any Twinblade of your choice.

We recommend using one Twinblade each in both hands. Your choices include Twinned Knight Swords, Godskin Peeler, and the basic Twinblade. The first two are preferred, but the Godskin Peeler is a bit difficult to master.

You can upgrade Twinned Knight Swords and Godskin Peeler by using Smithing Stones. The basic Twinblade requires Smithing Stone Shards to be upgraded.

It’s highly recommended that you upgrade your swords every chance that you get. Once they are leveled up enough, you will slash through most of your enemies with great ease.

Special Items/Effects: Ashes of War

We recommend using the Ashes of War to replace any skill from your weapon that you don’t need and adding something like Blood Ashes of War, which will give a nice Bleed build-up attribute to your swords. Bloody Slash is a pretty good option in particular.

That’s all of our recommendations for an Elden Ring Twinblades Build guide. We hope that you found it useful and as always, keep in mind that experimentation is key. Our guide may not be perfect for you, but it will point you in the right direction. 

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From there on, you can change things in the way that you like, and what started off as a beginner build will end up becoming something that helps you slay the strongest of beings in the world of Elden Ring.

While you’re here, oh Tarnished, make sure to check out some of our other helpful Elden Ring guides too!

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