Is Titanfall 2 Cross-Platform 2023? (PS5, PC, XBOX)

Is Titanfall 2 Cross-Platform

Titan fall has become the go-to game for anyone that craves the futuristic, sci-fi, mecha action that Titannfall is capable of giving. The game’s single-player campaign and the multiplayer game mode have been really popular amongst the fans of FPS shooters and mecha lovers for a while now.

The game was the much-anticipated successor to the original Titanfall 1, which set the bar so high that Titanfall had to do something extraordinary to break the ceiling. They did this by introducing a single-player campaign that is revered by the fans.

Apart from the single-player campaign, the Multiplayer mode also gets a lot of hype.

If you want to play with your friend, you can, as the game is available on various platforms. But can you play the game together if your friend has a different console than you?

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Is Titanfall 2 Cross-Platform?

Cross-platforming simply means the game allows the player to connect with players from platforms different from his. So if you’re a PS5 player and the game will enable players from Windows to join in your game, the game is cross-platform.

TitanFall 2 is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One as of 2022.

As you can see, there are three different platforms that the game was released on, so it only makes sense to have the cross-platform capabilities in-built to widen your player base and keep allowing the players and their friends to play together even if they have different consoles.

Titanfall 2 Crossplay Abilities

Unfortunately, Titanfall 2 isn’t a cross-platform game. Though the game’s player base is spread across the three platforms, they can’t play together, so no cross-platforming.

But there’s still hope, as the developers have come out to support the cross-platform feature in the past. Some of them even went as far as to say that they’re planning on adding the functionality in the near future, so till they add the cross-platform functionality, you and you’re friend might have to wait or get a similar console!

If the cross-platform functionality is added, it will not only be a good thing for the players, but the game will also get a massive boost to the game itself, game-like Fortnite has benefited a lot from cross-platforming in the past.

Most of the new-age games that come out have cross-platform functionality built-in.

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