Is Chivalry 2 Cross-Platform? (PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX)

Is Chivalry 2 Cross-Platform?

There is no shortage of multiplayer hack ‘n’ slash video games in the market, but Chivalry 2 is one of a kind.

The reason behind that is the quality of the game and the scale that it offers, focusing on 64-player battlefields that are incredibly fun to play and perfectly channel the medieval magic that we all know and love.

Since the first game came out nearly a decade ago, it wasn’t a time when people expected video games to have cross-platform multiplayer, and everyone stuck to their respective platforms.

However, things are different in 2022 and since Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer game and is on every modern-day gaming platform – fans want to know if the game has cross-play or not.

Not only that, but the developers even admit in their statements that they have noticed that cross-play is the most requested feature from their fans once they let players beta test the game and said they will consider adding it to the game.

So, the big question that is on everyone’s mind is very simple. Does Chivalry 2 have cross-platform multiplayer? Let’s take a look at all of the official updates and find the answer.

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Chivalry 2 Cross-Play Explained

We’re all here for the answer to whether Chivalry 2 has cross-platform multiplayer or not – but not every single one of us knows what cross-play is. So, let’s take a moment to explain what cross functionalities in video games are and get everyone up to speed.

But if you know what these things are already, simply skip to the next section of the article to get your answers!

Video games have three different types of cross features. The first and most important one is called cross-play, which allows gamers to play a game with their friends and family irrespective of what platform that they’re on.

For example, someone on a PC should be able to play Chivalry 2 with someone on a PlayStation 5 as long as they have the same version of the game.

Secondly, we have cross-progression. This simply means that your progress is the same on every device that you will log your game onto.

For example, if you reached level 10 in a game on an Xbox One, you should be able to have that same progress carried on if you play the game on a PlayStation 4 instead of having to start everything over.

Last but not least, there is cross-generation multiplayer which means that people who are on the same brand of consoles will be able to play the game online with each other. For example, someone on a PlayStation 4 will be able to play Chivalry 2 with someone on a PlayStation 5 with ease. This also applies to Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X.

Now that everything is clear for everyone, let’s get right into the answer we all came for!

Is Chivalry 2 Cross-Platform?

Is Chivalry 2 Cross-Play?

Chivalry 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Chivalry 2 supports cross-play multiplayer across every platform. For example, if you play Chivalry 2 on an Xbox One, you will be able to play with your friends on both PC and PlayStation 4 with ease.

At first, the game only allowed cross-play matchmaking and did not let players form cross-platform parties – but that has been fixed with updates to the game since fans were very clear about what they wanted in their feedback to the developers.

On top of that, the game has cross-generation multiplayer too, which means that someone on a PlayStation 4 can easily play the game on a PlayStation 5. The same goes for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Is Chivalry 2 Cross-Platform Between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X?

Yes, Chivalry 2 has cross-play multiplayer and it can be played with anyone on a PS4, Xbox One, PS5, PC, and an Xbox Series X/S.

Is Chivalry 2 Available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, Chivalry 2 is available on both the seventh and eighth-gen gaming consoles, which includes the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. And of course, PC is included too.

Is Chivalry 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

No, there are currently no plans of bringing Chivalry 2 to the Nintendo Switch.

Is Chivalry 2 better than Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?

Although Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a classic, Chivalry 2 is easily the superior game thanks to the improved gameplay, graphics, and polish that it received throughout its development.

And that’s everything in our guide on whether Chivalry 2 has cross-play or not.

We hope that we managed to save your time and money, and since you’re still here – don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful gaming articles too!

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