Is DayZ Cross-Platform? (PS5, PC, XBOX, Switch)

Is DayZ Cross-Platform?

Not a lot of new DayZ fans know this, but DayZ initially wasn’t a full-fledged game; it was actually a mod for the popular game ARMA 2. After the mod got really popular, the mod went solo and created a stand-alone game building a whole new fanbase in the process.

The game takes place after an apocalyptic event that almost wiped out almost all of humanity on planet earth; maybe you’re the only one who’s the last survivor. The goal is pretty simple, survive!

Survive like your life depended on it and use all the features and tools the game provides you with. The game has seen a recent surge in popularity thanks to the survival games gaining relevancy in the past couple of months!

So if you’re hopping on this trend, you’d like to know, is DayZ multiplayer, can you play with your friends, and most importantly, is it Cross-Platform?

Is Day Cross-Play Enabled?

As of now (2021), there is no cross-platform functionality on DayZ.

Though you can play online on your console or PC, there is absolutely no way you can connect to other players from systems that weren’t similar to yours; this is the way the game has been since its inception.

Simply put, if you have a PlayStation and your friend, an Xbox, you can’t enjoy multiplayer together. This has many DayZ players bummed out because in 2021, a game like DayZ, which puts so much emphasis on its co-op survival aspect, there should’ve been cross-platform functionality!

The real reason why Dayz isn’t cross-platform

Cross-platforming isn’t a new concept; in fact, many games come with the functionality right of the box as the technology needed to support it is already available. It has been known for quite a while now, so why won’t a popular game like DayZ have this feature?

The console companies don’t make it any easier for the studios to pursue this feature. In addition to this, the development of this feature will cost tie and money, which could be spent on future projects, so why would they pursue it.

And last but not least, if you want to play multiplayer, the option is available, so not having cross-platform enabled isn’t a big deal.

Will Dayz Be Cross-platform in the future?

DayZ has been produced by Bohemia Interactive, a reputed studio with many devs who speak out, so we know what’s going on with the development of the game if it’s not a top-secret.

The devs will often let us know what the progress is and what new feature to expect.

But they haven’t made any announcement regarding a cross-platform feature coming to the game, nor have they hinted towards one. So simply put, don’t expect any change to their cross-platform policy in the foreseeable future, nothing will change!

Is DayZ available on PS5?

No, the game wasn’t released for the PS5, and there is no new news regarding such a project. Fortunately, the PS5 has backward compatibility so you can play the PS4 version of DayZ on your PS5, and the game will run the same as before. This new feature has enabled many devs to focus on the more recent projects rather than porting old games to the new console!

Is DayZ available on Xbox X/S?

Similar to the PS5, the Xbox also boasts backward compatibility, so you should have no problem running the last-gen DayZ on the new-gen console; infact it might run a bit better though no significant improvements have been seen as of now.

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