Is NBA 2K23 Cross-Platform? (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch)

nba2k23 cross platform

NBA 2K23 was just released two months ago which means fans have a shiny new version of the basketball game to play.

There are lots of things to look forward to in this new generation – Michael Jordan is the face of the new game, the Jordan Challenge returns for the first time ever since its last appearance in NBA 2K11, while Megan Thee Stallion and Drake are one of the 50+ artists featured in the game’s soundtrack.

But one feature most players look forward to is cross-platform play. For years, fans have urged the NBA 2K series to include the feature, which allows players from various consoles to start matches against other players in different online modes.

Many popular video game series, including Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and MultiVersus, have integrated cross-platform.

For a franchise as successful as the NBA 2K series, it’s normal to expect the latest games to have cross-platform multiplayer. After all, nobody wants to buy multiple copies of a game just to be able to play with friends on other platforms.

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NBA 2K23 Cross-Play Explained

Cross-play has become the norm for video games nowadays, despite the fact that Sony has infamously fought back against it before. But before we answer whether NBA 2K23 is cross-platform or not, let’s go back to what the different terminologies mean so readers won’t get confused about what we’re talking about. 

There are three types of cross-functionalities in video games: cross-play, cross-progression, and cross-gen. Cross-play is the most popular and sought-after feature out of the three, this allows players to play the same game regardless of the platform they’re using as long as their game is updated regularly.

For example, someone on PlayStation can play with another player using Xbox.

Next, cross-progression (also known as cross-save) allows you to save and transfer your progress across other platforms. For example, if a person decides to switch from PlayStation to PC, they won’t have to start the game from scratch. Instead, they can move their progress from console to PC and continue the game.

And lastly, cross-generation is similar to cross-play except that players are only limited to the same brand console. That means only PS4 users can play with PS5 users, while Xbox One users can only play with Xbox Series S and X users. Now that explained all their meanings, let’s cut to the chase – is NBA 2K23 cross-play?

Is NBA 2K23 Cross-Play

Is NBA 2K23 Cross-Play?

Even though it would seem very reasonable to anticipate total cross-platform compatibility from a well-known gaming series in 2022, that’s unfortunately not happening here.

That was the same case for the older NBA 2K games in the previous years, and they’re continuing the trend this year. So no, NBA 2K23 isn’t cross-play. That means the game won’t have a cross-platform option between Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

NBA’s 2K “Frequently Asked Questions” page has verified this as well, saying: “there will not be NBA 2K23 crossplay between different platforms.” On top of that, there is no cross-generational multiplayer for NBA 2K23. This means PlayStation 4 players cannot play with PlayStation 5 players, and Xbox One players cannot play with Xbox Series X/S players.

On the bright side, players will have access to cross-progression, which enables them to transfer their MyTeam progress and Virtual Currency, but once more, only within the same console family.

This means that PlayStation 4 users can only carry over their progress to PlayStation 5, while Xbox One users may take over their progress to Xbox Series X/S only. Players may transfer MyTeam Points, Tokens, cards, and progress between the two NBA 2K23 versions on different hardware generations within the same console family thanks cross-progression for NBA MyTeam.

The Shared VC Wallet follows the same idea: any earned and bought Virtual Currency will function across console families.

We don’t know why sports games are hesitant to incorporate cross-play. Sports games appear to be taking their time adding this important feature in comparison to many other competitive genres. FIFA 23, a football game, will be the first sports title to have cross-play. However, NBA 2K23 won’t be following suit.

NBA 2K23 Cross-Play Explained

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NBA 2K23 Available On The PS5 and XBOX Series X?

Yes, NBA 2K23 is available to play on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game is also available to play on Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Is NBA 2K23 Cross-Play with NBA 2K22?

No, users from different versions of NBA 2K cannot play together. If you want to invite your friends to an online match both of you need to have the same version of NBA 2K (and the same console), otherwise, you’ll be unable to find each other. That’s why it’s important to talk to your friends and agree on what versions to buy beforehand. After all, it kinda sucks playing a sports game on your own, it’s not the same as playing with other people.

Is NBA 2K23 Cross-Platform between PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch?

No. As we mentioned before, there will be no cross-platform multiplayer across all platforms. This means there is no cross-platform between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. The cross-gen access for NBA 2K23 is also hard to understand. Simply put, you can use backward compatibility to play a PS4 or Xbox One game on a PS5 or Xbox Series X if you already own one of those consoles.

The FAQ also states that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game, however, are exclusive to those systems since they use the full “power, speed, and technology of the new hardware and contain enhancements and upgrades” that are only available on those devices.

Backward compatibility will allow the old-generation versions to be played on the new generation, but only as the old-generation versions, whilst the new generation only functions on the new generation.

Though, you can bypass this by buying the editions that permit gameplay on both current-gen and next-gen consoles. These consist of the Michael Jordan, Digital Deluxe, or Championship Edition.

If you order the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan, Digital Deluxe, or Championship Edition, you will receive both generations of the game on the PS4/PS5 or Xbox One/Series X device on which you purchase it. A code for a digital download of the other version will be sent if you purchase the physical edition instead of the digital version.

When playing the game, players get access to both new-generation and current-generation players. Though, you’ll need to constantly swap and compete against only one gaming generation at once.


That’s a wrap for our NBA 2K23 guide! We hope we answered all your burning questions about the game. We’re sorry to break the news to you.

There is just something special about being able to challenge your friends to an online match no matter where they live. Who knows, maybe Visual Concepts and 2K Sports will include it next year. Despite that, there are many other great things to look forward to in 2K’s most recent game.  

While you’re still here, you can read more of our guides on the NBA 2K series and other video games right here.

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