Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Platform? (PC, Switch, PS5, XBOX)

monster hunter rise cross platform

Monster Hunter Rise is a much-anticipated sequel to the extremely successful Monster Hunter: World. As usual, it’s a standalone game that has its own atmosphere, new features, and tons of new monsters to take down in battle. While some Monster Hunter games have only been released on specific consoles, the last one saw success on three major platforms of the eighth generation.

However, despite the expectations of fans, Capcom did not add cross-play capabilities in Monster Hunter: World. This led to fans assuming that the company intends to focus their efforts on the next game and perhaps add the functionalities in that instead.

After all, cross-platform multiplayer allows players to enjoy the same game with their friends no matter what platform that they’re on.

It’s one of the most demanded features in online gaming in 2022. And it also helps the game itself gain more players since people can encourage their friends to buy it too regardless of whether or not they have the same device. So, now that Monster hunter Rise is finally released, the million-dollar question arises.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Platform? And what platforms is it on? Let’s answer these important questions right away!

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Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Play Explained

To clear up any possible confusion for those who might be unfamiliar with these terms, let’s go over a brief explanation of what cross-platform multiplayer means before we get into the main question.

There are three terminologies that are correlated to the concept of crossing between consoles. The first one is called cross-play multiplayer, which refers to the capability of being able to play a video game with your friends no matter what platform that you’re on.

For example, if your friend is on a PlayStation 4 while you’re on a PC, you two would have no problems playing with each other online if the game has cross-platform multiplayer.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Platform?

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Then comes cross-progression, which refers to a game’s capability of being able to carry your progress onwards to any platform that you log into. For example, if you reached level 50 in a video game on PC and then decided to play the game on an Xbox One instead, your progress would be carried over instead of having you start at the first level.

Lastly, we have cross-generation, which refers to games that don’t have cross-play or cross-progression capabilities in general – but have the ability to allow players limited versions of these features between two consoles under the same brand. For example, gamers will be able to play with other players on a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but not with any other brand.

And that’s what these three things mean in a video game! Now that we have the explanation out of the way, let’s answer the question that you’re really here for.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Play?

The answer to this question is unfortunately no. First of all, Monster Hunter Rise hasn’t been released on any platform besides Nintendo Switch due to an exclusivity contract.

While it’s been confirmed for one more console slated to release a year later, we have no idea if it would have cross-platform multiplayer on it or not and the answer to that is most likely no since Monster Hunter: World never saw these features either despite popular fan demand, especially due to how popular the game’s co-op capabilities were.

There’s a chance that Capcom’s decision may change, though, as fan demand can often make a lot of things happen. So, we just have to voice our request and hope for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you play Monster Hunter Rise on?

You can play Monster Hunter Rise on a Nintendo Switch right now. If you don’t have a Switch, you can also wait for the PC release which comes in the second quarter of 2021.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Platform between PC and Nintendo Switch?

There is no word on this yet, as Capcom has neither confirmed nor denied cross-platform capabilities for the game. However, chances are that they won’t be present.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?

As of now, the game is not confirmed for any of these platforms. Either it won’t be released at all on these consoles, or we’ll see an updated version someday in the future that makes its way on these platforms. It’s also possible that Capcom might develop a new game altogether that is available on more platforms in the Monster Hunter franchise.

And that’s everything that we know about Monster Hunter Rise’s cross-platform multiplayer so far. We hope that you found this guide useful, and we have tons of other helpful gaming guides on our website that you should check out too!

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