Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform? (PC, PS5, XBOX, Switch)

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

Who would’ve thought that a game in which sloppy characters engage in odd activities will get so huge, but it did, and you’re here looking up if you can cross-platform in the game?

Gang Beasts is one of the most highly talked about games of this and past year.

The game is now popular amongst many fans and available on almost every major console except the Nintendo Switch for some reason, the game would’ve been a huge hit on the Switch. 

The game makes you fight other gelatinous floppy characters to win! It might sound weird at first, but you’ve got to experience it!

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Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

As of now (2022), there is no cross-platform functionality on Gang Beast.

This is a bummer as the game would’ve been a popular game amongst groups of friends, as not everyone has the same system to play games on, so this is a huge missed opportunity.

The game’s multiplayer feature is really popular; engaging in such weird atrocities with other people can’t get any better than this. The multiplayer is one of the primary reasons the game was well received and loved by gamers.

It has a distinct feel, but it would’ve been better if they had introduced the cross-platform feature as well.

The real reason why Gang Beasts isn’t cross-platform

Cross-platforming is a weird feature in the gaming industry. All games can run with some minor change to the code on every system, enabling cross-platforming.

But this takes time, and most importantly, money! Now, why would a studio devote more time to a game which has already been finished? Won’t it just cost them more?

Besides that, the console developers don’t make it any easier, recently it was rumored that these console companies charge royalty fees for cross-platforming on their consoles. This is an added cost to the cross-platform functionality. It’s just not feasible for the game studio!

Will Gang Beasts be cross-platform in the future?

Gang Beasts has been an instant hit amongst gamers, and the devs have taken note of it, so expect more content to be added to the game in the foreseeable future.

But as of now, i.e, 2021, there has been no official announcement regarding the cross-platform function in the game!

The devs at the game studio often make the news about some new features or update the public as soon as they can, so if there is no announcement from a team that is so outspoken when it comes to updates regarding the game, it is safe to say that the game won’t be getting the cross-platform feature anytime soon!

Is Gang Beasts available on PS5?

The game won’t be coming to the PS5 as a separate entity from the PS4 version; in fact, the PS4 version runs as smoothly in the PS5 as it ran in the PS4. Thanks to the backward compatibility of the new-gen console, older titles can be played on the new-gen console without any hassle!

Is Gang Beasts available on Xbox X/S?

Similar to the PS5, Gang Beasts can be a plate on the Xbox X without any hassle, thanks to the backward compatibility functionality added to it. So the older version of the game should run just fine on the new-gen console; in fact, you can even get some performance improvements!

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