Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform? (PS4, PS5, PC, XBOX)

The far cry franchise has been one of the most loved and most successful gaming franchises of the last decade. With every new installment, they strive to be the best in the future as well. The same can be said for Far Cry 6, which is turning out to be the best installment in the series so far!

Like every other modern game, the title also supports multiplayer, so you can play and enjoy the game with your friends.

The game has added many new and exciting features to the multiplayer aspect of the game; your friends will have a blast playing together, but what if you and your friend don’t share the same console?

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform?

When you play a game on multiplayer mode, you usually connect to players who have the same consoles as you have. If you can play with players from different systems or consoles, the game allows cross-platforming, i.e., the game is cross-platform.

But in the case of Far Cry 6, a modern game released just recently, the devs decided not to include these features in the game for some reason.

This is a bummer as many friend groups won’t have the same console or console family, and they won’t be ab;e to play together even after paying the total price of the game!

The real reason why Far Cry 6 isn’t Cross-Platform

This isn’t unique to Far Cry; there are a lot of new AAA titles that were released this year without the cross-platform feature enabled. This is absolutely unacceptable to the consumer as you pay the total price. If you’re not able to enjoy the full extent of the game, what’s the point?

But this trend will continue for a while because companies won’t allow their player base to connect to other companies’ consoles.

This is a strategy used by both Microsoft and Sony to keep their player base intact. So if the game devs want to enable cross-platform, it has been rumored in the industry that they’ll have to pay a royalty fee to the console company. 

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform on Playstation and Xbox?

Sadly No, Far Cry 6 isn’t cross-platform on the two major console companies. Both the PlayStation and the Xbox don’t allow the game to be played as a cross-platform game to protect their player base from getting in touch with the other! This also helps them sell more consoles as some people will switch to play with their friends.

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform on PS5 and PS4?

Yes, you can play cross-platform on the Playstation consoles family. This means if you have a PlayStation 4 and your friend has a PlayStation 5, you’d be abv to connect with each other and play the game. The PlayStation 5 has backward compatibility, so they ought to have this cross-platform feature for their consoles.

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform Xbox X and Xbox one?

The game isn’t cross-platform on the PlayStation and Xbox for apparent reasons, but the devs, fortunately, have made the game cross-platform across console families. This means multiplayer can be played across the X box console families on which the game is available.

The Xbox X/S support backward compatibility, so it would’ve been a huge wasted opportunity if they didn’t allow cross-platform amongst tier console family, i.e. Still, the between the Xbox X/S and the Xbox ONE!

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