Why CS:GO Butterfly Knives Are So Expensive

Why CS:GO Butterfly Knives Are So Expensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the earliest games that understood how a game can constantly generate revenue without being pay-to-win. Although free-to-play now, CS:GO was originally a paid game and once you owned it, you did not have to pay for any further subscriptions.

However, the game featured paid cosmetics that players can craft, obtain through loot boxes, and trade with each other. These cosmetics are solely for looks and do not make any changes to the gameplay part of things at all.

So, no player receives a gameplay advantage while they still have to spend real-world money on cosmetics, such as weapon skins.

One of the most popular weapon skins that CS:GO has is the Butterfly Knives. The first thing anyone notices about them is their unique appearances. And the second thing that everyone notices is the fact that CS:GO Butterfly Knives are very expensive.

Those who play the game for hours every day are well-versed in the knowledge of why these Butterfly Knives cost so much. However, to a new player, this might be a bit confusing because the most expensive Butterfly Knife in CS:GO costs over $1.4 million dollars.

So, why are these Butterfly Knives so expensive and what value do they have in the game? Keep reading for our detailed yet easy explanation.

Why Are CS:GO Knives So Expensive?

When you look at how expensive CS:GO knives are and how much gamers seek them out, you might feel like there is some secret behind their market valuation. However, the reason behind their importance is very simple and not complicated whatsoever.

Demand and Rarity

It’s all about supply and demand. They are incredibly popular and belong to one of the largest online video games of our time. And getting them is difficult because knife skins are something that you cannot craft in CS:GO.

So, players have to rely on loot boxes giving them knife skins and the likelihood of getting them is usually lower than other things like gun skins. On top of that, the skins are split between their rarity, which means that even when players get a butterfly knife, it might not be one that is particularly valuable.

Due to how unlikely it is to get a rare butterfly knife (or any good knife, really) and the inability to craft them – the rarity of these cosmetic skins is one of the largest reasons behind their demand.

Visually Appealing

It’s not all about the value, of course. The players do genuinely love these CS:GO knives and the developers put a lot of time and effort into making them visually appealing.

There are animations as well that players like to see with these knives, such as one where their character spins a butterfly knife. If you take a look at any devoted CS:GO player, they will have thousands of hours in the game.

So, such players love to show their inventory off and the knives are one of the best ways of doing that. CS:GO knives are popular to the point that thousands of people have crafted them in real life too, and some of them are sold for a hefty price tag.

Real-World Monetary Value

When something has great demand, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to cost a lot of money. Don’t be fooled by the fact that these CS:GO knives are just an in-game cosmetic – they are in incredible demand.

Some people who own and farm rare knives in CS:GO aren’t even necessarily gamers. They have great resale value, so some people play the game solely to be able to invest in these knives.

And aside from finding them in loot boxes, people also buy them directly from others by using Steam’s trading system and then keep them and wait for the value to increase.

There are knives in CS:GO that cost 450 dollars, 600 dollars, 800 dollars, 1600 dollars, and 15,000 dollars.

And if all of these weren’t enough, there is a knife called the ‘Karambit Case Hardened’ which reportedly cost someone 1.4 million dollars, according to a famous YouTuber called ohnePixel who claims to have served as a middleman for that deal.

A Growing Market

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that refuses to die. Whether it’s general interest, attachment, addiction, or the purpose of farming cash – there are millions of gamers who love CS:GO and will continue to play it in the years to come too.

And since Valve does not like sequels these days, CS:GO keeps getting updated with new content and other changes, such as becoming free-to-play and getting a Battle Royale mode. So, it’s a great time to get into the game right now.

The demand and rarity for CS:GO knives are ever-increasing, and you can count on seeing even bigger prices pop up in the near future.

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