Horizon Forbidden West Best Legendary Weapons, Ranked (2023) 

Horizon Forbidden West Best Legendary Weapons

Aloy is a formidable warrior who can take her enemies down with any weapon, even when she has to use fists. Despite that, Horizon Forbidden West offers various weapons to keep your combat experience fresh.

Because, let’s face it, mashing the same button a hundred times isn’t fun or challenging. In the game, there are nine types of weapons you can find. Some are easy to find, while others are much rarer – Legendary weapons.

Obviously, the rarer ones are better weapons since they have higher stats, more perks, and more coil slots.

However, you’ll only get to access these Legendary weapons later on in the story. Thanks to the new update, there are now 17 Legendary weapons hidden around the forbidden west, with some only available during the New Game+ mode of Horizon Forbidden West. 

Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapons Tier List

Here, we have ranked all the Legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West from worst to best!

17. Brawlbreaker


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While extremely brutal, the downside of boltblasters is that they’re bulky and need to be manually loaded with ammo. This can slow you down during combat, and it takes forever to load each time you pull it out.

On top of that, the reload animation is incredibly long. The only way you can work around the slow reloading time of the Brawlbreaker is by combining a legendary boltblaster with a non-legendary one or using a reload mod.

16. Rain of Sparks

Rain of Sparks

Rain of Sparks isn’t as intense as the Carjas Bane, but it’s excellent for knockdown damage and critical hits. They can also slow down enemies using adhesive arrows, allowing you to tear your enemies’ components. Apart from that, nothing is inspiring about this NG+ legendary weapon.

15. Carjas Bane

Carjas Bane

Despite the hate against them, Horizon Forbidden West never forgets to give some love to warrior bows, which is why they added the Carjas Bane to their list of legendary weapons.

It’s great to use against groups of tight-knit enemies and is much easier to obtain than other legendary bows. To get the Carjas Bane, you must complete the game’s gauntlet runs, which only involve four races. 

14. All-Mother’s Blessing

All-Mother’s Blessing

Unlike the Tinker’s Pride, All-Mother’s Blessing is a NG+ legendary tripcaster that focuses on elemental attacks rather than explosives. It can trigger fire, shock, and plasma tripwires.

To unlock this weapon, you’ll need to collect parts from Glinthawks, Fanghorns, and Shell-Walkers. Tripcasters used to be fun in Horizon Zero Dawn, but it all changed when they added trap limits in the sequel.

13. Tinker’s Pride

Tinker’s Pride

The Tinker’s Pride is a tripcaster that triggers explosions when stepped on by you or an enemy. It easily cuts through armor and deals damage over time, but it’s also one of the legendary weapons that need a lot of grinding and arena medals.

You’ll need to get full stripes for all three Hunting Grounds challenges in different areas, and once completed, the Tinker’s Pride is automatically added to your inventory. 

12. The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter

If you have the Ancestor’s Return, then The Final Chapter is the perfect weapon to combine it with. When used together, they add more useful non-elemental ammunition for piercing.

However, it feels like an unnecessary addition when you already have an excellent shredder gauntlet. And when you compare the two, The Final Chapter doesn’t seem to be much of an upgrade.

11. Ancestor’s Return

Ancestor’s Return

This weapon is the best shredder gauntlet in the game. Ancestor’s Return fires a serrated disc that returns to Aloy once it’s released. If she manages to get it back, she can shoot it once again for extra damage.

The more she does this, the more damage she deals with Ancestor’s Return. This legendary weapon is also capable of eradicating enemies with electric, poison, and piercing ammo. Ancestor’s Return can only be unlocked after collecting all nine ornaments in Relic Ruins, where you’ll need to solve puzzles.

10. The Blast Forge

The Blast Forge

Like most Legendary weapons, you need to farm medals to obtain the Blast Forge. This item, another legendary weapon offered by the arena seller, penetrates armor with three distinct types of ammo, including explosives.

It’s the Legendary counterpart of the Boltblaster, another handy weapon in the game. It works like a machine gun and is excellent for depleting health bars as quickly as possible. 

9. Wings of the Ten

Wings of the Ten

The Wings of the Ten is one of the best blastslings in Horizon Forbidden West. It’s perfect to use against smaller and medium-sized machines, especially with more advanced explosives. It’s also a tricky weapon to get as it requires you to find 12 Black Box tape recorders.

But before you do, you’ll need to speak to Untalla in Memorial Grove. 

8. Legacy’s Reach

Legacy’s Reach

Legacy’s Reach is an NG+ legendary batsling that is excellent for most situations. It’s also one of the strongest in terms of advanced explosive bombs and will quickly take down giant machines like Tremortusks.

This batsling has 15% on long-range damage, overdraw damage, and (unlockable) damage over time perks, 10% on knockdown power, and an additional 2% to instant plasma blast chance perks.

7. The Sun Scourge

The Sun Scourge

The Sun Scourge is an amazing hunting bow that can shoot fire, ice, and poison arrows and deals a lot of damage.

You must first eliminate all of the rebel camps to obtain this weapon, after which a side mission to confront the last camp becomes available. Once you’ve completed the mission, you get the Sun Scourge as a reward. 

6. Iriv’s Downfall

Iriv’s Downfall

This NG+ Sharpshot Bow would’ve made it to the top 5 if it wasn’t costly. Iriv’s Downfall uses a special kind of ammunition in Horizon Forbidden West. Crafting five Elite Precision Arrows costs two Volatile Sludge, a scarce resource.

It tops every other weapon when fully upgraded, but the insane effort it takes to craft the arrows alone renders it useless. You’re better off using other Sharpshot bows with cheaper regular precision arrows and customizing them for braced shots.

5. Forgefall


The Forgefall is one of the most accessible Legendary weapons to acquire in the game, you can buy it using medals won at the Maw of the Arena.

This weapon was forged by the Oseram and is believed to be the same weapon used during the Battle of the Three Chains. The Forgefall delivers strong plasma attacks and is great for sniping enemies at long range.

4. Skykiller


You won’t get the Skykiller until most of the storyline has been finished. The Skykiller, a spike thrower, will be given once Aloy retrieves the Gyrocompass for Harriem and Kristia, fixes it, and returns it. This legendary weapon is most effective when used on machines that are weak to fire damage, although it’s pretty much a well-rounded weapon. 

The Skykiller can also easily take more giant machines down when combined with the Powershots Valor Surge and the Splitting Spike Weapon Technique, which deals more damage with less ammo.

The only drawback of the Skykiller is the expensive ammo, but compared to Iriv’s Downfall, the Skykiller is worth it.

3. Defiance


If you loved the Skykiller, then you’ll love Defiance even more. It’s an upgrade to the spike thrower with better stats and offers impact damage, which its predecessor lacked. It’s a short weapon to wield and deals damage using Impact Spikes, Explosive Spikes, and Advanced Explosive Spikes.

2. Death-Seeker’s Shadow

Death-Seeker’s Shadow

This used to be the best overall Legendary weapon until the latest update, but it’s still everyone’s favorite. The Death-Seeker’s Shadow is a little more specialized than the Sun Scourge, which is more of an all-purpose bow. This hunting bow specializes in shock and piercing arrows.

Only through competing in the arena and on the hunting fields to win medals will you get this weapon. Simply gather as many awards as you can and give them to the vendor at the entrance to the arena; you will be rewarded with Death-Seeker’s Shadow.

1. Tears of the Land-God

The Tears of the Land-God makes the Death-Seeker’s Shadow look stale. It’s the best hunter bow for damage and tear, mainly when used with Ancestor’s Return.

Tears of the Land-God comes with excellent in-built perks: 65% draw speed, 25% component, and long-range damage, 20% concentration damage, and 15% overdraw damage. If you give up on the shock arrow type, you also get the option to use purgewater ammunition with this bow, which is surprisingly helpful. 


And those are all the Legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, ranked!

Remember that these rankings are based on their current stats during the New Game+ update and our personal experience. If you’re willing to put in the hours or enjoy playing the game, most of these weapons are worth buying.

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