Overwatch 2 Tier List: Best Heroes, Ranked (2023)

Overwatch 2 Tier List

Blizzard Entertainment’s 2016 first-person shooter game Overwatch is known for its unique and distinct heroes that many players look forward to each season.

Each hero comes with a unique set of abilities and an arsenal of weapons to help their teammates win. It’s no different with their newest sequel, Overwatch 2, which features a lot of heroes on the roster that will suit everyone’s playstyle. There are 35 playable characters, with four brand-new characters released in the first season.

As we all know, mastering a character’s moves takes time, so finding the best hero in Overwatch 2 won’t be a simple task. While you can always go for the popular ones, there are other strong characters you might miss out on.

Luckily, we’ve made a guide that narrows them down to the best of the best so you won’t have to go through the trouble. 

Overwatch 2 Best Heroes

So, without further ado, the best heroes in Overwatch 2 are ranked!

12. Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76

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Soldier: 76 is one of the best DPS characters in Overwatch 2, but he’s not as great as Sojourn. The great thing about Soldier: 76 is that he has one of the most straightforward kits and is the easiest to master, making him the perfect starting choice for beginners.

His Tactical Visor will help if you’re not great at aiming, and he deals a lot of damage with his Helix Rockets and Heavy Pulse Rifle. On top of that, his ability to self-heal and sprint will be handy when you find yourself in a challenging position. 

11. Moira


Since her introduction, Moira has consistently been at the top of tier lists and continues to be. Moira is a flexible character that can rapidly change between healer and damage dealer in the exact match. She also has an ultimate that can swiftly change the tide of a battle. She has two shooting modes: a damaging mode and a healing mode. 

This quality extends to her orb projectile, which has a dual purpose of healing and damaging, and she also has a brief dash of invulnerability that she may use to escape a tight spot.

Her legendary ultimate is a powerful laser beam that can destroy adversaries and heal teammates in large numbers. The only downside is that she can be pretty hard to learn, but it’s still worth it.

10. Sigma


He may not be as visibly tanky as other heroes. Still, his recent buffs have made him a more excellent tank choice with a stunningly high DPS potential thanks to his primary attack, which causes heavy damage, and his Accretion boulder, which is quite helpful due to its momentary stun and ability to divert an enemy’s assault.

A competent Sigma can be very difficult to stop when he has a committed healer behind him. If the other team cannot counter Sigma, it will be much simpler for him to punish them with a well-placed Ultimate.

9. Sombra


Synergy is a crucial element in Overwatch that players need to consider when building their teams. If you have Kiriko in your line-up, then you might as well add Sombra.

She already established herself as an excellent hero before Overwatch 2 even came out, and rightfully so, she received a massive damage increase against hacked enemies. Thanks to her high base DPS and the awareness of enemy placement provided by her hacks and passive, Sombra proves to be a great choice as a Damage hero.

8. Zarya

zarya overwatch 2

When you encounter a good Zarya, it’s almost impossible to stop her, especially when her squad knows how to play around her. Zarya’s two Bubble abilities, which can temporarily shield herself or an ally, are one of her best features.

While active, every damage these bubbles take will boost Zarya’s primary weapon’s damage. Because of this, enemies are faced with a dilemma – if they choose to target the bubble, this will only transform Zarya into an insanely strong Tank that can wipe out whole teams with her beam.

If they decide to ignore players inside those bubbles completely, this allows them to unleash chaos.

7. Tracer


With her being the face of Overwatch, it makes total sense if the developers wanted to make sure Tracer wasn’t a disappointing character to play.

That may be true, but Tracer is still one of the most challenging characters to master in Overwatch 2, and her Pulse Pistols have also been nerfed. It took away a considerable amount of damage from her.

Still, because of her incredible speed and ability to confuse her opponents using her Blind and Recall, Tracer remains to be a reliable DPS character. However, if you are not adept at moving about with her abilities, she might not be the most excellent option for you.

6. Winston


Still wanna be Winston? Today’s your lucky day because he’s even better in Overwatch 2. Since the dive comp meta became a thing in Overwatch, Winston has been regarded as its king.

Although you won’t be able to rage as much as before because of his ultimate’s 20% slower charge, his Tesla Cannon, leaping ability, and dome shield makes him a fantastic choice for a traditional dive comp.

Winston still struggles in many areas where other heroes succeed, but his Barrier Projector somewhat gives his team the upper hand. Make sure he has a dive-focused squad if you want to bring the best out of him. 

5. Ana


Ana is one of the greatest Support heroes in Overwatch 2. With her Nano Boost Ultimate, Ana can give her allies a damage boost and dramatically change the course of a match.

She can also stop her enemies from healing by hitting them with sleeping darts. Despite being a sniper, she’s pretty easy to learn because of her ability to switch between healing allies and quickly eliminate opponents.

Even if she isn’t as good as Kiriko, she is still one of the best Support Heroes in the game and a great opponent against Zarya.

4. D.Va

dva overwatch 2

D.Va remains one of the most popular and powerful heroes in Overwatch history, having one of the game’s best ultimates and an effective kit. Her mobility makes her highly efficient at chasing down Support and Damage heroes.

Her Defense Matrix is also a perfect countermeasure to other abilities, including Reinhardt’s Fire Strike, Ana’s Sleep Dart, and Moira’s Biotic Orb.

3. Sojourn


Sojourn is one of the newest characters Blizzard Entertainment has added to the Overwatch franchise. She was decent at the start, but her recent slew of buffs turned her into one of the best DPS characters in the game.

When you use Sojourn’s primary weapon to attack enemies, her railgun charges up, allowing you to use a hitscan beam that can deliver 200 damage if you shoot an enemy in the head. If you’re hitting your targets, you can quickly wipe out a squad thanks to her ultimate’s continual railgun charge and piercing blasts.

2. Kiriko


In Overwatch 2, Kiriko has had a good start and has already established herself as a mighty hero.

She can climb walls and heal allies with talismans, making her one of the most reliable healers in the game.

And when you combine it with Kitsune Rush, which increases movement and attack speed, and Swift Step, which enables you to teleport to an ally instantaneously, you have powerful support that completely redefines the role of the class in Overwatch 2.

1. Genji

Genji Overwatch 2

Not only is Genji the strongest Damage hero, but he’s also the greatest overall hero in Overwatch 2. With shields being taken away in the game, Genji has finally found his stride.

He can now attack from all sides and take players by surprise with his agility. Although his ultimate no longer seems nearly as powerful as it once did, his other skills balance out his flaws. Genji is a highly skilled character, but if you can master his moveset, you’re practically invincible in the match.

Genji is undefeatable in most situations because of his lightning-speed mobility, ability to deflect incoming projectiles, and massive damage output. All three of the best Heroes provide something to the table that will help your team.

Thus, you cannot go wrong with any of them.


And those are the best heroes in Overwatch 2, ranked! Did you find your favorite character here? There are a lot more characters we couldn’t include in the list, the truth is that no one truly stands out more than the others.

We hope this guide helped you choose which hero you should play next. Remember that this ranking is based on our personal opinion and the recent game updates.

This means that characters can get better or worse the next time you sign in. If you enjoyed this guide, check out our other Overwatch-related guides!

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