Fallout 4: All 20 Bobblehead Locations Revealed

fallout 4 bobblehead location

Fallout has always been a series that incentivizes exploration as one of the most important aspects of getting a fully immersive experience.

This is prevalent the most in Fallout 4, a game that goes above and beyond its predecessors to push players into uncharted territories on the map.

It does so in many different ways, such as making it highly important to acquire power armors early on in the game or finding amazing stranger side quests in the deepest darkest corners of the map.

In a sense, some of these incentives to explore more are also the Bobbleheads.

What Are Bobbleheads In Fallout 4?

Now, if you’re new to the Fallout series, there’s a chance you might not be aware of what Bobbleheads do.

Bobbleheads are minor yet highly useful bonus/power-up type items that are located throughout the wastelands of Fallout games. These items have a highly specific usage though; they are made to give a specific boost to a skill or aspect that your character possesses. 

While these Bobbleheads are littered throughout the map in most Fallout games, in Fallout 4 they are quite superbly hidden. So in this guide, we’ll tell you the locations at which you can find these power-ups and make your stay in the wasteland a bit more pleasant! 

List of All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Here are the exact places to find bobbleheads in Fallout 4.

1. Agility

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

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The Agility Bobblehead permanently increases your overall agility by 1. It can be located on the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star which is near the coast towards the immediate southeast portion of the map in Fallout 4!

2. Barter

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

The Barter Bobblehead permanently makes the prices better by 5% for your character in the game. It can be located on Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, if you head directly towards the northeast of the cannery room, you can find it inside of a metal hut!

3. Big Guns

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Using the Big Guns Bobblehead, you will get a permanent gain of a +25% chance of critical hits! This Bobblehead can be found in Vault 95, towards the southwest side of the map in a highly radiated area. You can find it inside of a Radio Room which is located on the room that is directly north of the living quarter’s area.

4. Charisma

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

This Bobblehead also increases an overall attribute of Charisma by 1! It can be found in the Parsons State Insane Asylum, it is on the desk inside of Jack Cabot’s office within the admin zone! Though keep in mind, to get to that office you need to be engaged in the quest called The Secret of Cabot House. 

5. Endurance

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Just like the Agility and Charisma Bobblehead, the Endurance Bobblehead also increases your Endurance attribute points by 1. This Bobblehead can be found on the southeast side of the map, inside the Poseidon Energy building. Once you reach the central metal hut of that building, look towards the metal desk and you’ll see it smiling right at you!

6. Energy Weapons

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Giving you a permanent gain of a +25% chance of doing a critical hit with energy weapons, the Energy Guns Bobblehead can be found at Fort Hagen. It’s hidden between a pair of fridges in the Kitchen area!

7. Explosives

Explosives bobblehead | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

The Explosive Bobblehead gives you a huge +15% damage increase with all explosive weaponry! You can find it at the Saugus Ironworks; it is located on a catwalk in the Blasting Furnace zone. 

8. Intelligence

Intelligence bobblehead | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

Of course, what is Fallout without the Intelligence Bobblehead increasing the attribute by 1! It can be located quite obviously at the Boston Public Library, inside the NorthWest section of the library within a mechanical room.

9. Lock Picking

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

The Lock Picking Bobblehead comes quite handy for sneaky freaks such as me, it permanently makes lock picking much easier in Fallout 4! It can be found within the Pickman Gallery, put discreetly between two pillars where you finally meet Pickman!

10. Luck

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Luck is an underrated feature in RPG games, it can drastically shape your experience overall! The Luck Bobblehead increases your Luck attribute by 1. This Bobblehead can be found on a ship along the Coast of Spectacle Island. It’s hidden inside of a locker within a shipwreck on the south side of the island. 

11. Medicine

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

The citizens in Vault 81 knew their medicine, which is why the Medicine Bobblehead can give you the ability to heal 10% more every time you use a Stimpack! It’s located in Vault 81, inside Curie’s office! 

12. Melee   

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

This is a Bobblhead that makes you climb a lot, but it’s worth the effort as you permanently gain an increase in melee damage by +25%! It can be located at the very top of Trinity Tower, in the same cage that contains Strong and Rex.

13. Perception

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Perception is a powerful attribute to invest in within the world of Fallout 4, and the Perception Bobblehead increases it by 1! It can be found within the Museum of Freedom in Lexington, it’s on a desk in the room where the first interaction with Preston Garvey takes place.

14. Repair   

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

The Repair Bobblehead will make sure that Fusion Cores last 10% longer, permanently! It can be found in the Corvega Assembly Plant, through the maze-like catwalks, and atop a crate!

15. Science

The Science Bobblehead is super useful as it gives you one extra guess every time you are hacking a terminal! It can be found inside of Malden Middle School within Vault 75. It’s at the third Basement level of the vault and is on a table next to the terminal.

16. Small Guns

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Small Guns are not that strong in Fallout 4, so you’d need the Small Guns Bobblehead for a permanent increase of 25% in critical hit chances! It is situated at Gunner’s Plaza, it is gently placed on top of a desk that is blocked due to an access card!

17. Sneak

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

The Sneak mechanic was new to the franchise when Fallout 3 was released, however, it’s just as useful in Fallout 4. The Sneak Bobblehead makes you 10% harder to detect permanently however getting to it is hard. Head to the Dunwich Borers, kill all of the Raiders, from where you will head into the Borer facility until you reach the absolutely ultimate underground section. It’s placed next to a terminal.

18. Speech   

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

Getting the Speech Bobblehead will give all vendors 100 more caps to barter with; it’s located aptly at the Park Street Station within Vault 114. It’s placed on a table inside the Overseer’s Office.

19. Strength   

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

The Strength Bobblehead will permanently increase your Strength attribute by 1 point. It’s located within the Mass Fusion Building, it’s super easy to find too! Just head over towards the lobby’s desk and look for a sculpture and it is right there, on top of its head!

20. Unarmed

All Bobblehead Locations In Fallout 4

The last Bobblehead on the list is Unarmed, which will give you a +25% increase in all unarmed attacks’ critical hit chance. It can be found in Atom Cats Garage, it can be found on the hood of a rusty old car!

Well there you have it, the locations of all Fallout 4 Bobbleheads have been revealed. Make sure to collect every single one of these whether during exploration or even just during main and side quests!

There’s a huge boost in all kinds of skills and attributes that are associated with these Bobbleheads, so keep them on your list of priorities! Discover more Fallout 4, 76 content on GamesBustop:

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