10 Best Offline Games to Play on Mobile (No Network Needed)

best offline games

Online gaming on mobile devices is undoubtedly fun and has taken over the world by a storm. Whether you’re playing a video game that has multiplayer or something with a strictly single-player experience – almost every single game in 2020 requires you to have an active internet connection in order to play further.

Unfortunately, we can’t always have an active internet connection for a number of different reasons and sometimes we don’t even have unlimited data, and thus we need games that we can run without any internet connection required once it’s installed.

Thankfully, there’s a good number of games that still run perfectly in offline mode as well and we have carefully handpicked the 10 best offline games to play on mobile devices for you, so you don’t have to look for it yourself!

And to make it even more convenient for you, we have attached gameplay videos and direct store links so that you don’t have to wait any longer to try out the games best suited for you. Let’s get started.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Price: $7

Grand Theft Auto is one of the largest franchises in the video gaming industry as of today, and it has had over half a dozen mainline games and several spin-offs.

While people may have different opinions on what GTA game is the best one yet, one thing that everyone agrees on is that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the highest peaks of the series and features some of the most fun that you can have in a sandbox world.

You can do almost anything in the game which starts from stealing cars for a drive-by on rival gangs and goes to the point where you are stealing an experimental jetpack from the army by entering Area 51. It’s a bizarre game that is mainly about gang wars and corrupt policemen and you can have an endless amount of fun in it even if you don’t do the story missions.

With hundreds of hours of fun to be had and modified controls meant for mobiles, you’re in for a very awesome offline experience.

2. Plague Inc.

Price: Free

Plague Inc. is a timeless classic that has been topping mobile gaming charts for nearly a decade – especially in the recent covid-19 days when the idea of plagues became quite popular. The gameplay is based on a real-time strategy structure in which you create a virus that you hope can eradicate the human race and have to constantly evolve it into doing its job effectively.

It’s a cruel yet fun premise that provides hours of fun and endless replayability, and there is a lot of accuracy to some of its aspects which is almost educational in a way.

Plague Inc.
Price: Free

3. Minecraft

Price: $7

Minecraft almost needs no introduction considering the fact it is a game beloved by people of all ages and countries – but here’s one anyway.

Minecraft is an extremely customizable sandbox game that can be played in any single way that the player wants. Want to raid dungeons to find loot and level up to become one of the strongest beings in your world? Want to make the perfect farm and raise livestock? Want to spend hundreds of hours creating your own version of an entire city like how people do it with real-life Legos?

The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes this game so great. While the game does feature online multiplayer capabilities, they are not mandatory and you can still have every feature at your disposal while playing offline.

Price: $6.99

4. Stardew Valley

Price: $4.99

What happens if you take Harvest Moon, The Sims, and a dungeon crawler – and then mix them all up in the same game? You get an extremely polished video game that lets you play it any way that you want and reignites the popularity for an otherwise dying genre.

Stardew Valley initially starts off with the player moving to a farm left to them in inheritance after a decent customization menu, and then they are tasked with taking care of and expanding their farm as the days go.

You can customize and handle your farm however you like and the town that you live in is populated with dozens of NPCs that can be interacted with and they all have their unique personalities and roles within the community. You can befriend people, help them out with things, or even begin dating them, and eventually marry. There are a lot of different ways to play the game, so the replayability factor is amazing.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, the game even lets you raid caves that have tons of material and monsters that you can fight. While there are a few online capabilities, the game provides you the complete experience offline as well.

Stardew Valley
Price: $4.99

5. Eternium

Price: Free

If you enjoy the RPG genre, especially games similar to the Diablo franchise, then Eternium is the game you didn’t know you were looking for.

It is created by a team of talented developers who wanted to bring the authentic action RPG gaming experience to the mobile platform and released a game that is filled with beautiful graphics, great combat, innovative controls, a fun storyline, and a non-pay-to-win structure that rewards grind graciously.

The game has a fair share of customization options and many different player classes and weapons to choose from, and the RPG elements are extremely well done and keep you hooked for hours on end.

While the game needs to be set-up properly with an internet connection at first – you can play it almost entirely offline and have a solid single-player experience. And if you’re ever in the mood for more, you can engage in some of its online features which include MMO-tier real-time multiplayer.

Price: Free

6. Alto’s Adventure / Alto’s Odyssey

Price: Free

The mobile market is filled with endless-runner games and quite a lot of them have a side-scroller perspective instead of the usual third person one. However, among all of the games, there is always one name that will stand out and that is the Alto franchise.

Featuring extremely beautiful graphics, an amazing world, relaxing gameplay, different characters, and lots of new environments to explore – Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey are both excellent games that can be played competitively and for killing some time.

If you decide to play this game, don’t forget to put on some nice earphones because the game’s background music and sound effects are dynamic, greatly adding to an already priceless experience.

Alto's Odyssey
Price: Free
Alto's Adventure
Price: Free

7. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

Price: Free Demo/$5

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is one of the best fighting games that you can play on mobile devices and is full of content since it’s one of the updated editions of the game.

While Street Fighter V has a divisive fanbase – Street Fighter IV undoubtedly brought the franchise back on the radar. It features very quirky 3D comic-style graphics, exceptionally great gameplay, a diverse roster of characters, catchy background music, and it’s optimized well-enough for almost any phone that you can play it on.

The only hassle that can often come up is compatibility with a few devices – but thankfully the game has a free demo that you can try before making you mind up.

Street Fighter IV CE
Price: Free

8. Sonic Dash

Price: Free

Sonic Dash is one of the most faithful endless-runner translations of an already established franchise and perfectly captures the essence of what Sonic is all about.

The graphics are very fun and feature a great level of detail, the gameplay is extremely fast and entertaining as it features several different levels and objectives to complete – and it even lets you fight bosses at the end of certain levels if your runs go well enough.

While it received a sequel, unfortunately it was scrapped with the entirety of Sonic Boom franchise.

But thankfully Sonic Dash is still consistently updated and receives new content, mainly adding more to the character roster every time a new Sonic product comes out. So, with daily events and a rewarding progression system, this game will keep you hooked and provide a fun offline experience as long as you keep updating it properly.

9. Crossy Road

Price: Free

Crossy Road is pretty much Frogger for the modern-day gaming industry and lets you play with controls as simple as a simple tap if you’re in the mood to relax.

Your goal is to guide a chicken across different types of surfaces which includes roads, streams, and many other obstacles. One of the best things about it is that there are over a hundred different characters to unlock and does not get repetitive whatsoever due to many different levels to play through.

You can additionally play multiplayer too if you’re in the mood to turn the internet off, but the game is enjoyable in its entirety if you play the game offline as well.

Crossy Road
Price: Free

10. Monument Valley / Monument Valley 2

Price: $4 / $5

The Monument Valley games are extremely well-made puzzle games that are all about an unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

The player has to guide the child through different puzzle-based levels which are always unique and very fun to traverse through, and the game’s breathtakingly gorgeous art-style makes it impossible to not love the experience.

All those reviewers, gamers, and awards can’t be wrong – so go ahead and let Monument Valley provide you some of the best mind-bendingly amazing single-player experiences on your mobile device.

Monument Valley
Price: $3.99

That’s it for our list about the 10 best offline games to play on mobile that don’t need an active network to run. We hope that you found the perfect game to play, and don’t shy away from letting us know what you think about our choices. And while you’re here – check out some of our other helpful gaming guides on the website as well.

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