10 Best Endless Runner Mobile Games Like Temple Run

As of today, endless runner games are one of the most commonly seen genres in the world of mobile gaming. Whether it’s something original, a licensed game, or even a rip-off – it’s one of the easiest types of games to make and tends to attract a large audience effortlessly as long as the game looks visually appealing.

Temple Run is often credited as the first game to truly bring the endless runner genre on the map, as it offered fun gameplay that gamers were not used to seeing before with several fun gimmicks and fully 3D graphics which were a big deal at the time for mobile devices.

Naturally, it has been nearly a decade since that time and we have had hundreds of other endless runner games.

With so many to choose from, especially those that are built with licenses from million-dollar franchises, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time without actually trying them.

That’s why we have handpicked the 10 best endless runner mobile games like Temple Run for you – complete with gameplay videos and direct links to the store so that you can get started as soon as you find the one best suited to you!

Let’s get started.

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10. PinOut

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If you told me that there’s a game that combined Pinball with endless runner mechanics, I would have asked you if you were joking with me. But PinOut exists and that strange combination is exactly what this game offers.

The game has beautiful neon graphics that feature many different colors and lay-outs to keep itself fresh, and the electro soundtrack is extremely catchy to listen to as well. The gameplay is very straightforward – you have to go from pinball table to pinball table and make sure that you avoid all the things that would make you fail or fall off.

The gameplay is unique enough to still be fun for anyone not into Pinball, but it’s twice as fun for anyone who actually enjoys those elements and is up for an intensely paced adventure which never gets old.

Price: Free

9. Saily Seas

Saily Seas is a gorgeous game that thrives on its simplicity while still being very entertaining to experience. The graphics are low-poly but feature a beautiful aesthetic, the sea is ever-changing and populated by creatures in every corner, and even the sky is filled with birds as you progress forward.

The controls are very simple which allows the game to be played with one hand, as tapping helps you climb, holding makes you jump, and you can even swipe to dive into the water for certain reasons.

The game keeps itself fresh as the water seems to be randomly generated and the weather keeps changing itself too, which, combined with lighting, makes the environment look different now and then.

So, to put it simply – the game both remains a bit of the same but always mixes things up to keep them fresh and exciting as well. It’s the perfect endless runner to play if you want to relax a bit.

Saily Seas
Price: Free

8. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers hardly needs an introduction due to the fact it’s nearly as old as Temple Run – but its unique spin on the formula, updated graphics, and constant updates make it a great alternative even to this day.

The gameplay is as fun as ever but the developers have added many different power-ups, unique characters, and abilities to use as you avoid the usual obstacles to rack up high-scores over time.

It even lets you slide through trains and hang onto power lines to keep the momentum going, which gives it a unique atmosphere that the other endless runners lack.

The fact the game is so consistently updated and even improved in terms of graphics over time gives it a great edge over Temple Run 2 which still looks the same.

Subway Surfers
Price: Free

7. Sonic Dash

Sonic is one of the most prominent video game franchises since the 90s, so it’s no surprise that SEGA decided to have their go at an endless runner game too. Fortunately, Sonic Dash is one of the best games in the genre that I’ve ever gotten my hands on.

The graphics are great and the game features different maps that you will recognize from the franchise, there are dozens of unique characters to unlock, every map is filled with enemies to fight, traps to avoid, power-ups to obtain, and cool tricks to pull off.

And whenever you get far enough, you are presented with the opportunity to fight a boss which plays very similarly to the original games while still retaining the endless runner fun, and it all just blends in perfectly together to make an amazing game.

There is a Sonic Dash 2 as well but it was meant to endorse the Sonic Boom franchise. Unfortunately, despite having more potential and some cool new gameplay features, it no longer gets updated and is pretty much dead since Sonic Boom was cancelled as a franchise.

6. Ski Safari 2

Ski Safari 2 is a very fun endless runner game which has some of the most fun and intense gameplay that I’ve experienced with snow as a theme. You start off riding a skateboard but you can unlock a snowmobile later, ride yetis and have penguins holding onto you for a ride.

The game keeps itself fresh and the more you score, the more it rewards you with fun things to do.

And while the map is generally the same in the start, once you start going onwards you enter caves and encounter different things, and completing the daily challenges is pretty fun overall. The game offers hundreds of different customization options and gets new updates consistently for different seasons and holidays, so you won’t ever get bored with it.

Ski Safari 2
Price: Free

5. Alto’s Adventure / Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey are both extremely elegant and entertaining games that set themselves apart with unique gameplay and aesthetics. The graphics may seem simple at a first glance but when you actually begin playing the game you will see how gorgeous they are, with the constant weather changes and day and night cycles.

There are many details within the visual aspect that add to the experience, and some of them are tied to the gameplay as well.

Such as the ability to go over power lines, houses, and the fact you can trip over the wildlife that you see around. The gameplay is simple yet fun and pulling off cool tricks only adds to the experience.

You can also unlock more characters as you go and compete in the leaderboards with your Google Play Games account. However, if you wish for a simpler experience the game’s ‘Zen’ mode lets you enjoy the visuals and soundtrack without any interruptions too.

Alto's Odyssey
Price: Free

4. ChessFinity

If you like chess and endless runners, then ChessFinity is something that will greatly interest you. The game oddly combines the two types of gameplay together and provides you with a five square wide board that never ends.

You can only use one piece at a time to advance forward but you can swap what piece you are using, and the way to advance somewhat follows the same rules as actual chess.

Since there are no traps here, you lose if you run out of pieces or time and the game is really intense in terms of the gameplay speed which is a bit strange for something based on chess – but it all works out and blends together perfectly and you can even get a few power-ups here and there to make things more balanced.

Price: Free

3. Race the Sun Challenge Edition

Race the Sun is one of the most unique endless runner games out there, as it combines the arcade plane shooter experience with the mechanics of a running game in one package and the end result is something beautiful. The graphics of the game are crisp and gorgeous to look at and you really feel the ‘speed’ aspect of the game as you play onward.

The gameplay is quite literally a race against time, as the sun going down somehow signifies that you will die so you have to race towards it while grabbing different power-ups and speed boosts to make sure you remain alive.

There are many different traps and obstacles to avoid on the way and many different maps with unique aesthetics to play through, so you won’t ever get bored of the game. And it’s very challenging in a good way and keeps you on your toes. It’s one of the few times a developer tried to offer something new and it truly shines as a great game.

2. Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Yodo1 Games is known for releasing many different fun endless runner games that all have their own unique touch to the genre, and Rodeo stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is one of their more recent entries. The game has a zoo-based theme where you go around and capture different animals while avoiding wild threats and obstacles.

The game features gorgeous low-poly aesthetics and has many different tracks to run through, and you can play as different characters who have customizable items such as hats to wear. You can also have friendly animals assist you around on top of everything.

You can leap animal to animal and it has a lot of different modes such as letting you play with dinosaurs and Santa Clause (which is seasonal), keeping the experience fresh and fun.

However, that’s just the gameplay aspect – the game also has a Zoo that you can customize, manage, and run which greatly adds to the hours of fun you can have with Rodeo Stampede.

1. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is one of the most fun that I’ve had in an endless runner game and a personal favorite of mine. Like the name implies, the game incorporates zombie-killing with the mechanics of a running game, and each run puts you against dozens of zombies in different environments that you can kill.

Besides weapons, you can also have dog companions to help you out in your journey and to keep things fresh, the game offers you daily events and bonuses which you can complete.

On top of it all, there’s a bit of story in the game too and you can even obtain multiple endings to your playthroughs. And if you enjoy the game so much (which you will) that you finish all of the current areas and story events – they’re even adding an all-new story pack soon that will keep you hooked again for a good while.

Into the Dead 2
Price: Free

That’s it for our guide for the 10 best endless runner mobile games like Temple Run, and we hope you found the game best suited for you in this guide. Did your favorite game make it to the list? Did we miss any important ones? Let us know in the comments below and while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides as well!

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