Tank Trouble 2

tank trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 is a game that reflect the classic top-down tank shooting games of the 80s and early 90s, but with many modern twists to the gameplay that make it the perfect evolution of the genre.

While the game is straightforward, its physics can take a bit of time to get used to, and on top of being a solid single-player experience, it also has local and online multiplayer capabilities.

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Tank Trouble Gameplay

The gameplay in Tank Trouble 2 is simple – you are a tank that will fight other tanks by simply shooting at each other. However, the game’s bullets follow ricocheting physics so that means both you and your opponents will need to constantly be on the move and strategize your approach as you shoot and get shot at.

Additionally, every level randomly gives you power-ups that you or your opponent and catch first and it will give them new abilities, while there are also other things such as different types of weapons to pick up and even coins that will help you out with customization.

Tank Trouble Gameplay Tips

The number one tip in the game is to not waste your bullets. The game often restricts how many times you can shoot before the bullets currently engaged have either hit the target or run out of time, so it’s important that you try to only shoot when it fits your strategy and make sure you wont run out of them when it’s the perfect time to hit the enemy tanks.

The game greatly encourages movement so adapting to that will help you greatly in matches because not only will you be effortlessly dodging enemy fire ricocheting from every corner towards you, but you will also be able to be naturally close to most power-ups that show up before your enemy gets a chance to pick them up.

It’s very tempting to pick up power ups as soon as they show up, but it’s not always the smart thing to do because of factors like how close the enemy is to you, them potentially finding the perfect angle to shoot you as you left your safe spot, or the fact that the enemy may be closer to the power up than you are and then they would pick it up immediately and shoot you down. So, make sure it’s worth it before you leave for a power up.

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