Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, Ranked (2023)

Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a tactical shooter game that is tricky to master, it also offers a vast roster of operators – 18 of them, to be exact. This means that it might take a long before you find one that works for you. Luckily, we’ve ranked all the operators from worst to best to help you narrow your options. 

That being said, all operators are viable choices in the right hands. Each operator possesses unique skills and qualities that can be handy in every mission.

While some people function better in stealth, others excel in frontal confrontations. The success of your incursions will also be significantly influenced by how you make the most of your chosen operator’s talents, and, most of all, teamwork. 

18. IQ 


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IQ does have IQ, and she can detect nearby supply and medical kits. This is helpful if you are out of ammunition or don’t have a healer on your team, with the use of her R.E.D. Spectre Electronics Detector, she can also see mines and opponents that are cloaked. She’s not the worst, if your squad constantly depends on those kits to survive, then IQ is excellent.

17. Nomad


Nomad is useful when you need crowd control. With her Airjab proximity mines, she can knock away enemies who try to push. Despite them being useful, they’re not actually strong enough to shake up things.  

16. Rook


Rook can save lives by dropping a pack of armor plates that lets the wearer be downed instead of dead, which seems like something you’ll want to have all the time. However, as you play Rainbow Six Extraction more, you’ll find that leveled characters won’t need this once they get better armor.

15. Tachanka 


Tachanka seemed like such a powerful operator, but most situations don’t put his talent to use. If you’re wondering, he can deploy a mounted LMG for his teammates and can deploy even more guns once you level him up.

14. Sledge


Sledge wields a sledgehammer that can open paths by breaking down walls, but it isn’t great for dealing damage, apart from stunning parasites, which is why he’s ranked low on this list. 

13. Gridlock


Gridlock can drop TRAX Stinger anti-personnel mines to slow down enemies. Her traps also work well with the F90 Assault Rifle’s quick firing rate. When you need to control crowds, use Gridlock as your operator.

12. Capitão


A silent but deadly operator who can shoot bolts that, depending on your arrow type, detonate a smoke screen or release lethal venom. The idea is exciting but not executed nicely in the game. Capitão’s bow is neither powerful nor weak, and other operators have better defense opportunities. 

11. Hibana


Hibana is anything but stealthy. She proves herself to be useful as she can shoot sticky explosives that latch onto anything which can be remotely detonated. Once triggered, it deals a large amount of armor damage.

10. Ela


With her stun mines, Ela can take enemies by surprise. If your squad needs an escape, she can throw GRZMOT proximity mines to stun enemies. These mines have a useful crowd control function since they automatically explode once opponents take a step closer. 

9. Fuze


Fuze is another versatile operator, his ability allows him to deploy charges on surfaces that can be detonated and release cluster grenades from afar. This means that he can be used in many situations. 

8. Smoke


As his name suggests, Smoke can throw smoke grenades that aren’t deadly to humans. Instead, they were designed to hurt Archaeans, the chimera parasites that are annoying. These tools help deal damage to swarms of enemies all at once. 

7. Jäger


Like Pulse, Jäger is another operator that needs leveling up before he reaches his true potential. You’ll probably grow to enjoy how his deployable turrets essentially act as an extra squad member for a brief period after you earn the ability to add more rounds to them.

6. Pulse


His name hints at what he does best: detecting heartbeats. This means he can scout for enemies nearby with his Cardiac Sensor and help your squad plan your next move. Of course, you’ll need to level up to get this perk. 

5. Doc

Surprisingly, healers are so good in R6 Extraction that two of them just had to be on the Top 5 of this list. One of them is Doc, who is equipped with a Health Pistol that can be used on himself and on teammates.

He is ranked lower since his skill relies on your ability to aim. But this is great as you won’t have to take much time to heal your friends or wait for others to heal you. 

4. Alibi


Alibi specializes in flanking missions. Using her PRISMA decoys, she can project holograms to distract enemies as her squad waits for the right moment to attack. This enables the squad to move about and take advantage of positions to eliminate foes. On the other hand, using the decoys can allow you to revive allies while enemies are distracted safely.

3. Lion


Every team should have a scout operator like Lion who can detect enemies nearby. With his ability, you and your squad will always be one step ahead of everyone. The EE-ONE-D Drone that Lion is armed with can identify enemies in a specific area. Your squad can locate adversaries and estimate their numbers during firefights. 

2. Vigil

If stealth was the game, then Vigil would be the winner. He excels at dipping in and out of areas unobserved and can sneak behind enemies for a takedown thanks to his ability to disappear with the Electronic Rendering Cloaking. This invisibility skill may be extended to teammates at higher levels, which makes dodging those tough adversaries a piece of cake. 

1. Finka


You might find it hard to believe that a healer can be considered the “best” operator in a game, but it’s true in Rainbow Six Extraction. Finka can trigger an adrenaline rush that momentarily restores the team’s health.

This boost can even resurrect a teammate who has been knocked out. With her SPEAR.308 Assault Rifle, she is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve played Rainbow Six Siege, then you know how important it is to have characters who can do both.

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