Is Roller Champions Split-screen? (2024)

Is Roller Champions Splitscreen

Roller Champions is what you get if you remove the cars from Rocket League and add roller skates. Surprisingly, the game is very entertaining to play, and its rules set it apart from most other sports games that you can play online.

And of course, like other free-to-play games, it receives new updates and seasons to keep things fresh!

Naturally, since this is an online game, the main way to enjoy it is to play with people on different machines. However, some old-school gamers still like to play games locally on the same TV with their friends, and that raises the question of whether Roller Champions is split-screen or not!

So, is Roller Champions Split-screen? Can you play Roller Champions with your friends on the same screen? Let’s put on our roller skates and find out.

Is Roller Champions Split-screen?

Unfortunately, Roller Champions does not have split-screen multiplayer. It’s an online-only game and there is no way to play it locally with your friends on the same TV, regardless of what platform you’re on.

The maximum number of players on a single screen for Roller Champions is one. And online, the game supports up to 6 players in two teams of 3v3.

Roller Champions is not going to receive split-screen multiplayer any time in the future as the game is not designed with that in mind. If it does happen to get added, we will surely update this guide. But speaking from experience, it’s highly unlikely for Roller Champions to have local multiplayer.

Your best bet is to simply play a different game with this feature.

Roller Champions Split-screen Explained

If you don’t know what Roller Champions Split-screen means, here’s a brief explanation of what split-screen gaming is.

Even though online gaming is the easiest way of playing with your friends today, this was not an option that was available in the old days. Since most consoles did not have any online functionalities, players had to sit with each other and use the same TV in order to play multiplayer.

Since racing and shooting games have large maps, it was impossible to play those games competitively without straying away from each other. So, the split-screen feature was invented to fix this problem, as it splits the screen into different sections which allows players to see their own side and go to any part of the map far away from each other.

So, if Roller Champions had a split-screen, players would have been able to play with up to four friends using the same TV next to each other.

What Platform is Roller Champions Split-screen on?

Roller Champions does not have split-screen multiplayer on any platform that it’s available on.

Where can I play Roller Champions?

Roller Champions is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

If you’re wondering ‘is Roller Champions available on PS5’, it’s also playable on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S using backward compatibility, though official ports of those platforms are not available yet.

Lastly, Roller Champions is free-to-play so you don’t have to pay for its basic features.

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