How to Get Enchanted Keys in Neverwinter (2024)

How to Get Enchanted Keys in Neverwinter

Loot boxes are a mechanic that’s here to stay whether we like it or hate it, especially in free-to-play games – and Neverwinter is no exception.

The game has the Lockbox, which drops from slain enemies and can be purchased from the Wondrous Bazaar too.

However, they still need to be opened and that’s where the Enchanted Keys come in.

If you want to open a Lockbox in Neverwinter, you must use an Enchanted Key. And getting them is not a very simple task, so let’s jump into our guide about how to get Enchanted Keys in Neverwinter!

How to get Enchanted Keys in Neverwinter

Enchanted Keys in Neverwinter

There are two ways to get Enchanted Keys in Neverwinter, which you can use to get the best loot in the game.

1. Purchase from the Zen Market

You can purchase Enchanted Keys from the Zen Market. You can purchase them one by one, or as a batch of 10 and 50 keys. They cost Zen coins, so you have to make sure that you have plenty of them before you go to the market to buy the keys.

A single Enchanted Key cost 125 Zen coins, 10 Enchanted Keys cost 1,125 Zen coins, and 50 Enchanted Keys cost 5000 Zen coins. The more you want, the more it will cost – so calculate these things beforehand.

2. Obtain As a VIP Account Reward

You can get random amounts of Enchanted Keys as a bonus for being a VIP account in Neverwinter. All you need to do is to keep an eye out for such offers and then join the VIP Program.

Then, you will be eligible for VIP Account Rewards and which come with certain bonuses that you get every day and it includes the Enchanted Keys as well. You have nothing extra to do besides being an account that is a part of the VIP Program and it has no Level Requirement either.

You can get the VIP Pack from the Zen Market and receive the rewards for 30 days with 1 Loyalty Rank. Buying more will add more time to your VIP time. The rewards bind to your character (and so do Enchanted Keys in general upon pickup), so make sure you assign it to the right one.

enchanted keys neverwinter

This shouldn’t be confused with VIP rank and time in general, as those apply to all characters on an account.

That’s everything that you need to know about how to get Enchanted Keys in Neverwinter. We hope that you found this guide helpful and are already on your way to getting some.

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