Fix Derelict Freighter: Can’t Land, No Landing Pad

Fix: Derelict Freighter (Can't Land, No Landing Pad)

Derelict Freighter is a space encounter in No Man’s Sky that you can participate in. The interior of each derelict freighter is distinct from the others, and no two are the same.

With the help of an Emergency Broadcast Receiver, it is possible to make it appear at any time. Receivers are sold by the Scrap Dealer on the International Space Station (the price increases with each purchase, but resets each day – 5m, 10m, 20m, & caps at 30m).

Iteration Helios gives away a free receiver once a week to players who have finished at least one freighter in their account.

In the event that you’re fortunate enough to come into one while pulsing, or if you’re utilizing an Anomaly Detector, you’ll have a greater chance of discovering one. Every abandoned ship has a tale to tell, and it is worth telling.

It is possible to deduce information on the fate of each crew member from their personal belongings and ship’s records.

The captain’s log may also provide information about the ship’s final hours. It is not possible to save the game when on derelict freighter missions, and if you leave the game and then save it again, it will vanish from your screen.

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Understand The Derelict Freighter Pattern

In the game, derelict freighters appear as completely ruined spacecraft, drifting aimlessly across space, their surroundings littered with broken ship components.

A variety of freighter designs can be used to create the appearance of the ship. To allow for the possibility of tackling them in multiplayer, they have four Landing Pads.

Characteristics of Derelict Freighter

Obtaining knowledge and loot requires players to board the vessel, which has been sealed tight. Through interaction with the airlock terminal computer, the vessel will be unlocked and made available for investigation.

You will not be able to use your jetpack, and your movement will be significantly delayed as a result.

When you arrive, the freighter will be chilly, but you can warm it up by turning on the heaters. Take Dioxin or Oxygen with you in case your life support system needs to be recharged, as well as Sodium in case you want to help safeguard the environment.

From the airlock computer, you will also receive three Repair Kits, as well as a little supply of Sodium and Oxygen. Small containers containing Sodium, Oxygen, Ferrite, and Condensed Carbon are floating around on derelict freighters.

As dangerous as these derelicts are, uncovering the freighters’ secrets will not be simple. System failure occurred as the crew made their way off of the ship: the lights have gone out, life support and gravity have been turned off, and the security AI has gone berserk.

Infested with an evil alien force, several freighters have been lost at sea. Minified, Green Jellyfish, and Rogue AI are the names of the enemies that are currently in use.

Fix: Derelict Freighter (Can't Land, No Landing Pad)

Gateways in Derelict Freighter

You must acquire Security Credentials from readable logs that are lying about to complete the mission. Then, among the various rooms of the freighter, you must locate three terminals (Records Terminal, Secure Mainframe, and Engineering Control).

A Crew Manifest item will be given to you by the Records Terminal. As the game is providing the security credentials from earlier, the Secure Mainframe will provide you with the Captain’s Log.

Cargo Bulkhead (an item that allows you to add a slot to your freighter general or tech inventory), or a Salvaged Fleet Unit will be available to you at the final third terminal, Engineering Control.

Either the Guild Envoy or the Scrap Dealer on the Space Station will accept your Crew Manifest and Captain’s Log for sale.

Nanotes and a dominant race’s standing in the guild are awarded in random order by the guild envoy. Tainted Metal is the form of compensation from the scrap trader. In the same star system, re-creating a Derelict Freighter will produce the same interior layout.

Whatever class of Salvaged Fleet Unit you were previously awarded will be the same class and possibly a different item this time around, if not the same thing as the previous gift.


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