Alchemia Story Best Armor, Ranked (Tier List 2023)

Alchemia Story Best Armor

Alchemia Story is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile platforms. Set in a ferocious and action-packed world where magic and alchemy go hand in hand.

There are a lot of Gacha games out there, but Alchemia Story still retains a massive player base simply because of how refined the systems are, and how unique the gameplay is! Alchemia Story is an extremely popular, and highly addictive game, becoming one of the best and most shining examples of a Gacha game done right.

Of course, seeing as this is an MMORPG, and it’s also a Gacha game, we do have leveling, scaling, and upgradable items of interest such as weapons, armor, and accessories.

Alchemia Story has a unique way of dealing with the gear and armor system, though, keeping things a bit fresh as compared to the competition. There are two primary types of armor pieces, Tops, and Bottoms.

Other than that, there are also Accessories, which are essential items like a hair band, a mask, a crown, an ear cuff, and more. So, without further dawdle, let’s get into ranking the best armors in Alchemia Story 2022!

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1. Dark Rose Cuirass

This is certainly a top-of-the-line armor piece, something that will give you such a powerful defensive edge in combat that your enemies would be left dumbfounded. It brings over 220 additional HP and a massive increase in the player’s overall defense.

Moreover, it has resistance to many different stats, making it an all-rounder top armor piece that can go with any bottom to create the most powerful armor combinations! 

2. Gerard de Patisserie

The Gerard de Patisserie is an exceptional, 4-star armor piece that specializes in defense against all types of Wind Attacks. This top armor piece contains a massive 222 HP boost, an overall defense number that sits at a whopping 39 points, with an MDEF of 36 points.

Along with that, this set also contains a huge 50-point defense against Wind Attacks, making it the best armor piece for when you’re on the hunt for those pesky flying monsters. 


1. Red Lily Bottoms

The Red Lily Bottoms are the highest tier, 4-star armor piece which specializes in defense against all types of Fire Attacks. This bottom armor piece contains a sizeable 259 HP boost. It also brings with it an overall defense of 68 points, with an MDEF of a mega 70 points.

Along with that, this set also contains a huge 50-point aversion against Fire Attacks. If you combine this armor piece with the Dark Rose Cuirass, you could become potentially invulnerable to fire entirely!

2. White Lily Bottoms

Almost exactly like the Red Lily Bottoms, the White Lily Bottoms are an equally strong and durable 4-star armor piece that specializes in defense against all types of Wind Attacks. This bottom armor piece contains a mega 259 HP boost.

The overall defense here is the same as the other 4-star bottoms, with 68 points, the same goes for the MDEF which stands at a 70-point standard here. Along with that, this set also contains a huge 50-point aversion against Wind Attacks. If you combine this armor piece with the Gerard de Patisserie, you could become potentially invulnerable to wind entirely!


1. Pink Tiara Lily

By far the most powerful accessory in the game has to be the Pink Tiara Lily. It’s genuinely got an aversion to almost every status in the game and features the highest HP boost, overall defense, and MDEF.

It comes with a massive HP boost of 159 points, along with an overall defense of 29 points, and an MDEF of 30 points.

Besides this, you have a 20-point aversion to Fire Attacks, 20-point aversion to Wind Attacks, 20-point aversion to Water Attacks, and 20-point aversion to Soil Attacks. It’s just an all-rounded spectacular choice, even though it might be a bit hard to acquire, it’s definitely worth investing right into! 

2. Chapeau de Patisserie

Chapeau de Patisserie is another welcome addition to this list. Of course, this accessory does not even come close to competing with the Pink Tiara Lily but it’s got something fantastic going on. It features a decent HP boost of 129 points, along with a 22 overall defense and 26 MDEF.

However, what makes this particular accessory stand out is the fact that it’s got a whopping 50 points of defense against Watter Attacks.

You can combine this with a decent armor set that has resistances against water, or other elements, to boost your total resistances to a higher level! 

3. Black Tiara Lily

The Black Tiara Lily is a better choice than the Chapeau de Patisserie in most cases, due to its increased overall HP boost and defense. It brings a 136-point HP boost, along with a 25-point overall defense boost.

Moreover, It’s got a 26 MDEF, just like the Chapeau de Patisserie, but the resistances in the Black Tiara Lily are against Soil Attacks. The Black Tiara Lily features a massive 50-point defense against Soil Attacks, giving you an edge against any ground-type enemies. 

How To Acquire Armor in Alchemia Story

How To Acquire Armor in Alchemia Story

The easiest way to acquire any sort of gear is through your YOME. Your YOME in Alchemia Story has the ability to craft weapons, armor, and accessories using synthesis. Just head into the game’s menu, and then into YOME.

This will lead you to a list of different options that YOME can perform, one of which will be synthesis. At this point, YOME can be instructed to craft the gear, weapon, or armor you want, and then have it in your inventory right afterward!

However, of course, as all crafting items do, you will need specific resources and materials to craft things, so make sure you’re exploring lots and advancing through the game to get them. 

Your character and YOME will come with the most basic armor when you initially begin the game. Fortunately, the more you play, the better your armor will get in due time with some decent progression systems in place.

Of course, if grinding and playing the game too much isn’t your thing, you can simply draw for any armor in the game’s Gacha system. Head to the Gacha tab, and try out your luck. However, bear in mind that Gacha is not free, you’ll have to pay for it with gems.

Gems are required to take part in the Gacha draws, so you need them. You’ll find them throughout the game’s main campaign if you’re pushing through the story, or you can just purchase them with real money.


In Alchemia Story, there is a large variety of armor sets that may be obtained, but in my opinion, the 4 Star armor piece will always remain the best option.

They are simply too strong to ignore, and the 4 Star armor components are what you should choose unless you want to make the game a bit more difficult for yourself. They can be crafted, looted and of course, drawn from the game’s Gacha system.

So, no matter how much grinding you do to get them, they will make playing the game a breeze!

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