Top 10 Daily Browser Games Like Wordle (2023)

Top 10 Daily Browser Games Like Wordle

Love Wordle and would like to catch up with similar simple puzzle games like Wordle? This is the best place to be.

Wordle is an addictive word game that gives you daily word puzzles to solve. With each word puzzle, you get 6 guesses. You just need to type in alphabets into the tiles or boxes to form a word and the color of the tiles would determine if your guess is correct or not.

They are hints to how close you are to the target word.

A green tile means a rightly placed alphabet, a yellow tile means the alphabet is part of the target word but wrongly placed, and a gray tile means the alphabet isn’t a part of the target word. After solving each word puzzle, you have to wait for another 24hrs to get the next puzzle.

For many of us who would like an unlimited availability of word puzzles, 24hrs feels like a long time to wait for another word puzzle which has led to the search for an alternative. Also, it might just be that some people would like to try something different, but similar to Wordle.

In any case, there’s a long list of substitutes or alternatives for Wordle you can try for free on your browser. Some even follow the same rules as Wordle and are considered spin-offs.

10 Best Daily Browser Games Like Wordle

These are some of the best daily browser games like wordle for you to try.

1. Hurdle

hurdle browser game

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Hurdle is a word game that follows the same rule as Wordle. For each hurdle puzzle, you have to solve a 5-letter word puzzle with just 6 guesses. After each guess, you get color indications on each box to show how close you are to the target word.

The rules are pretty simple just like in Wordle. If the box turns green, it shows the alphabet is a part of the target word and it’s rightly placed, if it turns yellow, it shows it’s the right alphabet but wrongly placed. A gray box simply means the alphabet is neither a part of the target word nor in the right place.

2. Sweardle


Sweardle is a similar word game to Wordle, but with a very interesting twist. Yes, you’re trying to solve a word puzzle just like in Wordle but this time around, the target word is sweary. Yup. In this game, you’re trying to guess a 4-letter curse word.

However, you get fewer chances to guess the word. You get just four guesses to find the sweary word. This game might not be for everyone because it’s not everyone that’s comfortable with sweary words.

However, for those who don’t mind swearing, this is the game for you. Also, it’s best to keep this game away from kids. You don’t want kids with a rich vocabulary of swear words.

3. Wordle Unlimited

wordle unlimited

Wordle unlimited is literally Wordle but without the 24hr wait time. You get to solve unlimited word puzzles as much as you want without having to till the next day for another word puzzle.

Wordle unlimited is just the Wordle spin-off you need.

Another interesting feature of Wordle Unlimited is that you can create your word puzzles and send them to your friends to solve. Endless hours of word puzzles to solve and a feature that allows you to create your word puzzles? That’s just awesome.

4. Absurdle


Absurdle is another addictive word game like Wordle and here’s why. Although it follows a similar rule to Wordle where you have to solve a 5-letter word puzzle, unlike Wordle, Absurdle has an unlimited number of guesses.

It sounds more fun and easier right? Well, you’d be surprised to find out that, having an unlimited number of guesses doesn’t exactly make it easier. They even added a feature to this game that allows you to make random guesses.

This might all still sound easy to you, but I’d suggest you give it a try first before concluding.

5. Nerdle

nerdle daily word games

Unlike every other game on this list which happens to be word games, Nerdle is a numbers game.

It follows a similar rule of 6 guesses for each puzzle just like in Wordle. However, you’re trying to guess numbers and signs this time around.

The rules are simple. You input numbers between 0-9 and signs into the 8 boxes you’re given. The objective of the game is for you to guess the correct target equation for the day. And you have to do so in 5 guesses. It’s a really great game for kids.

6. Word Master

wordmaster puzzle game

Word master is another word puzzle game that requires you to guess a 5-letter word in 6 guesses.

It follows the same rule as wordle but unlike Wordle, it gives you unlimited word puzzles to solve daily. It’s like Wordle, but without the 24hr wait.

7. Primel

primel puzzle games like wordle

Primal is another numbers game on this list with similar features and rules to Wordle.

It’s a numbers puzzle that gives one puzzle every 24hrs. The rules are very similar to Wordle but this time around, you have to guess the correct 5-digit prime number in six guesses.

The fact that it only accepts prime numbers makes it kind of difficult but it’s nothing you can’t handle. You have the colored tile feature to give you hints on how close you are to the target prime number.

8. Dordle


Dordle is another word game that follows the same concept as Wordle.

However, it happens to be the more challenging version. You think trying to guess a word with just six guesses is challenging, then you should try Dordle.

It follows the same rules as wordle in terms of colors and the number of guesses. However, in Dordle, you have two different word puzzles to solve. And you get six guesses just like Wordle.

9. Heardle


There are so many Wordle spin-offs to try and Heardle is one of the best you can find. Think about Wordle, but with music. Sounds like a lot of fun right?

Heardle gives you a daily challenge that requires you to listen to a fragment of a song, and guess the song title. Just like Wordle, you have 6 guesses.

Not to worry, the songs you’d have to guess are songs chosen from popular playlists and luckily for you, there’s a feature that allows you to skip a song.

10. Hello Wordl

hello wordl

Hello Wordl is another amazing spin-off of Wordle that has the same rules, uses the same-colored tiles feature to tell how close you are to the target word, and gives you 6 guesses per word. However, unlike Wordle, it allows you to set the number of words you’d like to guess.

Unlike Wordle, there’s no fixed number of words you have to guess. You can choose the number of words you’d like to guess. But you still get just 6 guesses no matter how long the words are.


We have come to the end of our article on the best daily browser games like wordle. We hope you have fun playing either of these games. Also, you should check out our other game related articles such as;

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