Paladins: Skye Best Builds (2023)

Paladins: Skye Best Builds (2022)

‘Skye’ has a great deal of damage-dealing abilities and can stealthily hide from enemies when on the battlefield in Paladins. She was among the first Flankers introduced to Paladins, during that time she has undergone significant changes.

The best builds and ways to play Skye are described here, along with how these changes effectively changed the character builds. The guide highlights her talent sets, skills, and builds.

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The Abilities of Paladins Skye

Here are some of the amazing abilities Skye possesses in the Paladins gameplay.

Wrist Crossbow

The wrist crossbow is the basic weapon attack used by Skye, which does 130 damage per shot, every 1s, at short range. 

Only a “Haven” item can counter it since it is a direct damage weapon. For the most effective kill, you should combine your first and secondary attacks. 

This cannot be used at long range because it reveals your location to your opponent’s flanks, and your DPS and damage output are insanely low.

Poison Bolts

Skye’s second attack is called “Poison Bolts” which fires 3 bolts. It can get a maximum of 10% health damage over 4 seconds. The “Haven” can also be used to counter this direct attack.

It is an effective 1v1 burst attack when combined with your basic attack, and even more so when combined with the “Debilitate” talent, which increases the damage in “Poison Bolts” by 30% and doubles the speed. 

It is not the easiest ability to aim, but by getting as close as possible, you will reduce your chances of failing. It goes without saying that close combat is far more effective than distance combat.


You can enter stealth for 7.5s when using Skye’s “Hidden” ability.

In stealth, getting too close to enemies will reveal you. This is a common mistake I see players do. If you are in stealth mode, avoid being right in front of their eyesight. Always take the backlines. 

When enemies are grouped together, do not try to drag them alone and instead allow your tank and DPS to spread them out, so they keep looking for safety in tight corners and that is your time to strike.

Smoke Screen

You throw a “smoke bomb”, it will create a smoke cloud when it explodes, and it lasts for 5s. This is your “emergency exit” from harsh situations. Moreover, it grants a 3s stealth every 1s.

It can be used to make enemies confused so that you can run away or take out an enemy in a heartbeat. Reposition yourself every second because once you shoot, you will become visible to enemies.

Time Bomb

Time Bomb is Skye’s ultimate ability. This bomb deals 3000 damage after it explodes after a short time. The bomb will also destroy all shields.

Most of the time experienced players will easily cover themselves from Time Bomb, so it’s best to use it after a teammate uses CC ability so that you have time to respond.

The Talents of Paladins Skye

Here are some useful Skye talents that’ll come in handy in the game.


Poison Bolts’ damage is increased by 25% when “Debilitate” is used. “Poison Bolts” would be weak without this talent and for this reason, it’s the only viable talent.

Smoke and Dagger

Those who enter Smoke Screen also benefit from your Smoke Screen cards and are healed by 100 every 1s, but you no longer gain Stealth from Smoke Screen.


Your cooldowns are reset and you get healed 500 health.

Paladins: Skye Best Builds (2022)

Best Skye Builds In Paladins

Here are some of the best Skye builds we recommend.

Build 1 – Talent: Debilitate

  • Cloak (2): The hidden effect lasts for 1 second longer.
  • Nimble Fingers (4): Reload speed increases by 10% for 5s when Poison Bolts are active.
  • Decrepify (4): Poison Bolts cause you to stop taking in ammunition for 0.6s.
  • Shadow Affinity (1): Reduces Hidden’s cooldown by 1 second.
  • Poisoner (4): Reduces Poison Bolts’ cooldown by 1 second.

Build 2 – Talent: Smoke and Dagger

  • Shadow Affinity (1): Reduces Hidden’s cooldown by 1 second.
  • Quick Smoker (5): Reduce the cooldown of the Smoke Screen by 0.6s.
  • Poisoner (4): Reduces Poison Bolts’ cooldown by 0.8 second.
  • Emergency Exit (1): When your health drops below 30%, you automatically enter Stealth. This happens once every 25 seconds.
  • Confound (5): Poison Bolts reduce the Smoke Screen’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds when it hits the enemy.

Build 3 – Talent: Preparation

  • Cloak (4): The hidden effect lasts for 1 second longer.
  • Nimble Fingers (3): Reload speed is increased by 10% for 5 seconds when Poison Bolts is used.
  • Healing Vapors (2): Increase your health to 125 within 2 seconds of entering the smoke screen.
  • Decrepify (4): Poison Bolts cause you to stop taking in ammunition for 0.6s.
  • Emergency Exit (2): When your health drops below 30%, you automatically enter Stealth. This happens once every 25 seconds.

Build 4 – Talent: Smoke and Dagger.

  • Poisoner (2) – Poison Arrows cooldown is reduced by 0.8 seconds.
  • Confound (5) – Poison Bolts reduce the Smoke Screen’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds when it hits the enemy.
  • Specter (2) – Will generate ammunition after entering a smoke screen.
  • Quick Smoker (5) – Smoke Screen’s cooldown is reduced by 0.6 seconds.
  • Twilight Armor (1) – Increases your maximum ammunition by 2.

Wrapping It Up

In “Time Bomb”, Skye uses a bomb that, when used, the enemy deals massive damage which destroys all shields.

Skye’s “Poison Bolts” and “Wrist Crossbow” allow her to rapidly burst targets, as well as make her invisible after entering her “Smoke Screen”.

The flank champion Skye has low mobility, so she uses the “Hidden” ability to slip behind enemy lines and escape, letting her sneak past enemies for a while. 

She does extremely little damage from a distance, and her stealth is partially crushed if she is close to opponents; her bomb can only hit targets within sight, thus crippling her abilities when facing experienced opponents.

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