Herman Miller Gaming Chair vs SecretLab Gaming Chair: Which to Buy?

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There are so many things that come to our mind when it comes to purchasing essential gaming components. Whether it’s the right gaming monitor or the platform with the games best suited for you – there is a long list of things that we all go through.

However, the one thing that we often forget about is the comfort of our own body when we’re gaming, which is something that matters more than you might expect because gaming for many hours can really tire you out. And the way to ensure that your body’s comfort is in the right hands is to make sure that you buy the perfect gaming chair for yourself.

There are, of course, many different chairs to choose from in the market – but the two chairs that you will hear a lot about in 2021 are the Herman Miller Gaming Chair and the Secretlab Gaming Chair. Both of them offer a great package for their price and convenience – so it can be quite difficult to decide which one you should buy.

That’s why we’ve created a thoughtful guide which will help you pick the better product for your gaming needs! So, sit back and take notes as we compare the two gaming chairs and pick the best option out of the two.

The Looks

The first thing you see on a chair is, of course, how it looks. And when it comes to gaming chairs, there is a certain type of design for it which automatically makes you acknowledge that the chair you are staring at is indeed something that you’re supposed to use while gaming.

When you look at Secretlab it becomes very obvious that it is a gaming chair, since it follows the entire design while retaining a unique, elegant touch of their own to the overall design.

On the other hand, Herman Miller has more of an ‘office chair’ aesthetic going on for their gaming chairs even if you specifically try to find the ones meant for gaming. It’s just their thing and they prefer staying true to their roots rather than going all-out for their gaming chair models.

So, when the two chairs are put against each other – only one of them immediately says that I’m a gaming chair. While the other is meant for gaming too, it has a more general aesthetic that can be used next to an office table too.

Brand Background

Before you purchase something from a brand, it’s only fair to know a little bit about them beforehand. Secretlab is specifically a gaming chair manufacturer that is based in Singapore. While it’s not even a decade old brand yet, it already made its way around the international markets and is a very popular choice for gamers.

Herman Miller on the other hand is a brand that originally started out as a general manufacturer of furniture and equipment of different kinds, which includes chairs. Thanks to their experience and reputation in the market, they are one of the leading brands for gaming chairs today just like Secretlab – but their chairs are used for far more than just gaming unlike the former brand.

Quality and Features

Now comes the part that, in our opinion, truly matters. The quality, comfort, and what each of the two brands have to offer you through their gaming chairs.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs Quick Overview:

  • Dedicated gaming chair visual design
  • Comfortable upholstery which is great for body posture
  • Memory foam pillows and cold-cure foam mix which is comfortable in summers
  • Lumbar support (depending on the model)
  • Up to 130kg of load acceptable
  • 4 heavy-duty gas pistons
  • 5 XL PU caster wheels
  • Pricing: Usually starts at around $320

As you can see, Secretlab Gaming Chairs are manufactured in a way that your comfort is prioritized and they are most certainly built with long gaming sessions in mind. The pricings are also very affordable when it comes to Secretlab they don’t expect you to use their chairs in offices so it’s more of a personal, home-use experience intended for their products.

Herman Miller Gaming Chairs Overview:

  • An all-purpose design that can both be used for gaming and professional offices
  • More breathable than the average gaming chair due to its open design, but offers less posture-advantage for gaming purposes.
  • Excellent for people with back issues and just someone looking for peak comfort in general
  • Adjustable 4D armrests that allow customization based on body sizes
  • The back area mimics a spine so you can use it for improving your posture
  • Supports up to 135kg of weight
  • Natural alignment for healthy movement
  • Solid steel frame
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Basic office chair caster wheels
  • Pricing: Usually over $600

As you can see here, the Herman Miller Gaming Chairs focus less on appearing to be something that is exclusively meant for gaming, and instead offers all-purpose features that people might be looking for. The number one thing to notice is the fact that the majority of the features for their chairs are about comfort, adjusting to your body, and to battle body-pain issues. It even supports slightly more weight than the Secretlab chairs.

We have several options such as adjustable armrests and a spot that would hold your back comfortably – but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea if they wish to game as office chairs are not built with using a keyboard and mouse for long hours in a specific body position in mind, whereas gaming chairs are a bit more adjustable in that sense.

The pricing on Herman Miller gaming chairs is higher too, with differences starting in a hundred or two dollars and going as far as even seven to six hundred.

So, now that we have enough information on both of the brands on paper, let’s decide the winner for once and for all.

Which Gaming Chair is Better?

It’s incredibly hard to pick a winner when both brands offer many pros and cons that make them relevant based on individual preferences, but let’s try to pick a winner based on the information that we just discussed above.

If you’re someone with a bit of body pain or just find most chairs uncomfortable in general, and are looking for something that can provide your body the maximum comfort possible – then Herman Miller is the ideal option for you. While their chairs are expensive, they do your body great justice and will last you a very long time in terms of durability.

On the other hand, if you are looking exclusively for a gaming chair that not only feels the part – but let’s the world know that it’s a gaming chair on the very first glance, then Secretlab is the brand you need to go for.

Their chairs offer as much comfort as a conventional gaming chair can offer you, and have memory foams that try their best to adjust to their body. While they might support poor postures better which are better suited for gaming – they ultimately cost far less than most Herman Miller products and that certainly makes up for the few drawbacks.

So, in our final verdict – the winner here as a gaming chair specifically is Secretlab. Their price tags and gamer aesthetics are just too good to ignore.

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That’s it for our guide on the best gaming chairs that you can purchase in 2021. We hope that you found the best brand suited for your preferences on this article and we’re here to answer any questions that you might have. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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