Hell Let Loose PS5 Review: Is It Really Good?

Hell Let Loose PS5 Review

There aren’t many games out there like Hell Let Loose, I can say that for sure.

There is just something absolutely fascinating about being thrown into an intense war zone, with a huge number of players on both your own and the opposing sides.

The trench and open warfare that players can indulge in within the world of Hell Let Loose is something extraordinary, and for that, I must commend it. 

It was originally released as a PC game; however, it has recently been ported onto consoles as well. The game looks and plays best on the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 ports, however, it runs amicably well enough on the Xbox Series S as well.

Today though, we’re going focus on how good Hell Let Loose is as a game, and talk about why the PlayStation 5 port of Hell Let Loose is something worth playing!

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An Intense Shooter Game On The PS5

The first thing that anyone who is even remotely interested in playing this game should know is that this is not like your typical Call of Duty or your Battlefield games.

Hell Let Loose values a much more realistic, slower, and scarier pacing to its gameplay and design. There will be no classic CoD arcade vibes here, but rather an actual war simulator that will cater to a specific crowd.

The game revolves around massive 50 versus 50 battles, where each team is divided into small squadrons. You can communicate with your entire team through proximity chat, all 50 people on your side can be communicated with. 

hell let loose gameplay

The gunplay is rough, with guns featuring a decent kick to them, however, it makes the overall atmosphere feel even better. Each shot can take an enemy down, even a single one, so make sure that you hit your shots rather than just spray and pray was very refreshing.

Not to mention, the PlayStation 5’s wonderful integration of Hell Let Loose came with some amazing haptic feedback in the Dual-Sense that made the experience all the more exciting!

The game will let you pick many roles such as medic, spotter, rifleman, machine-gunner, tank crew, and sniper. The army will be in control of the commander for each team, who will usually be a more experienced player than the rest.

They will decide the best spawn points and issue orders that the rest of the team must follow. The game is tough, that part is for sure. You can’t heal yourself automatically, but rather you have to yell out to a medic if a stray bullet grazes you.

The time to kill is also very short in the game, making for a much more realistic tone as compared to games like the new broken Battlefield game.

Lack of Variety

As of now, the game has two basic game modes, Offensive and Warfare, each of them are honestly the same things though. In Offensive mode, the attackers will capture zones already belonging to the defenders who will try and stop them.

Whereas in the Warfare mode, both teams will fight to gain control of the zones, somewhat like Halo’s zone controlling gameplay. It’s understandable that the game is relatively new but it does have a huge lack of variety in terms of game modes.

Splitgate for example launched with around 20 different modes, though that is a completely different game. 

hell let loose PS5 review

The thing that makes up for this lack of variety in Hell Let Loose is the actual gameplay itself, and the maps. The maps aren’t too varied either, but depending on what side of the map you’re on, you will feel like you’re in a different area entirely.

These maps are inspired by real-life moments in history such as Omaha Beach, Carentan, Stalingrad, and Foy. It’s hard to get bored of the game, especially since you can constantly keep traveling through different areas, and trying out different roles to find your fit! 

Super Smooth, Super Sharp, Super Loud

Now naturally, whenever we’re talking about a modern-day title, running on modern-day hardware, the performance is a huge aspect of playability. In particular, players in 2022 require solid 60 FPS at the minimum to enjoy games.

Players will be happy to know that Hell Let Loose doesn’t just at 60 FPS on the PS5, but it also runs at a 4K Ultra HD display while doing so. You won’t have to sacrifice any sort of visual fidelity in exchange for the frame rate, the game runs extremely smooth on the PS5.

Not to mention, the graphical fidelity and the visuals in the game are also top-notch.

Sure, it’s not the best-looking game ever made; however, it does have detailed textures, some great environmental lighting, atmospheric fog, and great model tessellation that make it look fantastic for a multiplayer-only experience.

hell let loose gameplay

The sound in the game is also something that works very well, especially when combined with the haptic feedback on the PlayStation 5’s Dual-Sense controller.

The game is super loud, and it also gets quite unnerving when you’re in a trench with 20 other players constantly yelling during an extremely intense push. It’s also a cathartic experience unlike anything else!


Hell Let Loose provides an extremely different experience as compared to any other shooter game in the same genre. It’s a game that seems like it was inspired by Insurgency, yet it takes things to a whole different level in the sheer scope and scale.

The PlayStation 5 on the other hand, is the absolute ultimate platform to play this game on.

From the 4K Ultra HD resolution, the maxed-out graphical fidelity, the constant 60 FPS, and the amazing haptic feedback through the Dual-Sense, the PS5 runs Hell Let Loose in the most stunning fashion!

Not to mention, if you’ve got PlayStation Plus, you can get Hell Let Loose for free. So, make sure to check it out if you’re ever in the market for a shooter that is bold and different.