Is Path Of Exile Cross-Platform? 2023 (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Is Path Of Exile Cross-Platform?
Is Path Of Exile Cross-Platform?

Path Of Exile is a masterpiece in the ARPG genre of gaming. The game has breathed a new life into the ARPG genre, and the fans are ecstatic. The players appreciate the masterpiece as a change in the ARPG genre from the previously dominated game ‘Diablo.’ 

To level up the game, the creators are on their way to launch a mysterious sequel to the previous hit, Path of Exile 2.

The beta is supposed to be dropped later this year. The game is expected to elevate its gameplay and create a blockbuster in the ARPG genre to compete with the superhits ‘Lost Ark and ‘Diablo.’ 

Let’s talk about today’s point of concern; you might wonder whether Path of Exile features cross-platform gameplay. The game is available on almost every device, including Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Mac.

Let’s look at everything you need to know regarding cross-platform play in Path of Exile.

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Does Path of Exile support cross-platform gameplay? 

The answer to your question is a bit complicated; Path of Exile does and does not support cross-platform gameplay. The system for cross-platform gaming is a little confusing for the title; let’s dig deeper. 

Path of Exile players from PC and Mac can play together.

On the other hand, players using other gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox do not have access to cross-platform play. 

Does Path of Exile support cross-progression? 

The parameters considered for cross-platform and cross-progression are basically the same.

Generally, if the title supports cross-platform play, it can easily feature cross-progression. Now, as you can guess, the answer to your question is No; Path of Exile does not support cross-progression unless you play on a PC or Mac. 

Will we see cross-platform play for Path of Exile shortly? 

It’s doubtful that we will get a cross-platform play feature in Path of Exile; not trying to crush your hopes.

As Path of Exile 2 is soon to be released, we can expect the creators to roll out the cross-platform play feature in the sequel rather than the base version. If things fall in place, they might also add the feature in the base version. 

We have covered everything you need to know about the cross-platform play in Path of Exile. We hope you have answers to all your queries or questions.

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