The Best Games for Macbook Air (2024)

Best Games for Macbook Air

    The Macbook Air is known for many things, and gaming is normally not one of them since Apple always saw them as an extra feature for their computing devices. However, the tide is changing now since Apple has finally acknowledged that powerful devices should be able to play video games, and that’s visible even in their marketing for the latest iPhones.

    Fortunately, despite the library being small, tons of great video games are compatible with the Macbook Air. And that includes games from different genres, such as action, racing, hack ‘n’ slash, Soulsborne, and RPG. No matter what your preference is, there is something available for you.

    So, whether you’re a new gamer or a veteran who happens to own a laptop, these are the best games for Macbook Air that you can play in 2024!

    The Best Games for Macbook Air in 2024

    A few years ago, I wouldn’t have expected to see so many great games on the Macbook Air. But with the newer models, there are so many options to play with. These are our top picks for the games that you should play first, and they’re not in a ranked order.

    1. Resident Evil 4 (2023 Remake)

    The original Resident Evil 4 was a genre-defining third-person survival horror video game that is loved by the longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. The bar is almost impossible to reach when it comes to remaking such a masterpiece.

    Surprisingly, Resident Evil 4 Remake does an excellent job at recreating everything that we loved about the original. And it adds a couple of new modern-day touches that enhances the experience further, making it something that those who have already played the original can enjoy too.

    Even though it’s the fourth mainline game in the franchise, you don’t have to play the previous games to be able to enjoy this one as the context that you miss is minimal. And its gameplay was incredibly different to those that came before it too.

    The game features intense gameplay, entertaining cutscenes, loveable characters, and an atmosphere like no other. If you love action and horror games, then the Resident Evil 4 remake is a must-play.

    2. Baldur’s Gate 3

    Baldur’s Gate 3

    Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the greatest role-playing video games ever created, and I was delighted to see that it’s available on the Macbook Air.

    The game follows a D&D structure for its gameplay, but it’s very accessible for new players too since the game does a good job at explaining things. What makes this game so amazing is that it offers great gameplay, a very compelling story, charismatic characters, and you can shape the story however you want.

    There are many races, classes, and sub-classes to choose from so no two playthroughs will ever be the same. And the game lets you decide your own morality, which makes major changes in the narrative too. As for the customization, you’ll never run out of options and the character models are some of the most detailed that I’ve seen in the genre.

    Whether you like turn-based RPGs or not, you owe it to yourself to give this masterpiece a try as Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the best games that you can play on a Macbook Air in 2024.

    3. Lies of P

    No library of video games is complete without a soulslike, and Lies of P just so happens to be a high point for the genre. It features an original story set around the iconic tale of Pinocchio – but with tons of twists and turns that give it an entirely new personality.

    The gameplay is very intense as it will challenge you at every turn, and you can unlock a lot of different weapons that reward various playstyles. Some of the boss fights in the game are memorable set pieces, while others are a bit generic but still very fun – so even its lower points are still worth your time.

    Even the normal enemies in the game are well-designed and the environments that you find them in are a bit reminiscent of Bloodborne, which is something that was liked by everyone. If you like challenging action games, Lies of P is one of the best games for Macbook Air that you can get right now.

    4. Disco Elysium

    Disco Elysium

    Disco Elysium is an award-winning RPG that puts you in the shoes of an eccentric detective who must solve a series of complex murder cases while trying to retain his own sanity. The game has a unique design that is unlike any other that you’ll see, and it’s extremely detailed in how it conveys its themes to the player.

    The game lets you choose your own path and you can make many decisions that greatly alter the overall outcome of your adventure. It’s humorous, intense, well-written, and the gameplay is addicting.

    If you like RPGs of any genre, you should give Disco Elysium a try as it’s one of the best games for Macbook Air.

    5. Shadow of The Tomb Raider

    The conclusion of the reboot trilogy of Tomb Raider had a polarizing early reception. But as time passed and more people got to play it, the game has been much better received.

    Its focus on slower-paced exploration of tombs (like the older games) is a welcome addition, and the action is still as fun as the last two games too. Many story moments blow your mind as we get to see Lara’s bravery and strong will. And as a conclusion, it does a great job of finally setting the character up to be the iconic Tomb Raider that we all know and love.

    Surprisingly, this game and its predecessor[MJ1]  Rise of the Tomb Raider are available on the Macbook Air. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity of playing one of the best action-adventure games out there.

    6. Final Fantasy 14

    Final Fantasy 14 is the best MMORPGs that you can play on your Macbook Air in 2024. It’s loved by fans and critics alike, and it’s fun to play even for those who don’t normally play FF games.

    The game has a fun story and very engaging gameplay. The customization is great too, and the game is regularly updated with new expansions and collaborations for players to enjoy. But the most important aspect here is its community.

    Final Fantasy 14 has one of the largest and most diverse communities that you will find in an MMORPG. So, no matter who you are, you will find your crowd.

    7. The Sims 4

    the sims 4

    The Sims 4 had a rough launch because it was missing a lot of features that its predecessors offered. However, it’s still a AAA life-simulation game that is centered around being a single-player experience, which is not something that you find often as the genre is not as big as it once used to be.

    Fortunately, with subsequent updates and tons of player mods – the game now has more to offer than you can hope for. Every feature is back and better than ever, and you can have thousands of hours of fun in this silly but addictive game.

    The only downside is that the official expansions cost a lot. But since the base game is now free-to-play, the deal will feel fairer than before. It’s perhaps the best life-simulation game that you can play on a Macbook Air.

    8. Cuphead

    Don’t worry, we’re not forgetting fans of platformer games. And our entry for that genre is Cuphead, one of the most visually stunning games with 2D animation you’ll ever see.

    It’s an intense run-and-gun game with amazing boss fights that require effort and skill to be beaten. The game is a bit challenging for newcomers, but learning how to get better at it is very fun. And it has a large community too so that you can find tips and tricks easily online. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you will mow down enemies like it’s your job.

    The best part is that the game has an expansion, too, so you can experience more of it if you enjoy the base game a lot – which we’re sure you will.

    9. GRID Legends

    GRID Legends is the perfect balance between a racing simulator and something that tries to have a personality too. The game features amazing graphics, a fun story mode, and many vehicles to choose from that include something for everyone.

    There are a lot of racing games coming out every few years, and it’s hard to pick a winner. But when you look at everything that GRID Legends offers, you have to look no further, as it’s one of the most exciting racing games on the Macbook Air.

    That’s it for our list of the best games for Macbook Air that you can play in 2024!

    Whether you like action games, RPGs, or simulators – this list has you covered. And we hope that you found the next game that you will be playing on this list. While you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other gaming guides too!

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