Are Gaming Keyboards Worth It? (Our Top Picks)

Are Gaming Keyboards Worth It?

Gaming keyboards are considered a better option by many gamers because of how they improve and make gaming easier. An average gaming keyboard would mostly give a better experience while gaming than a normal keyboard would.

This is because these keyboards were designed with features to improve gaming.

What’s the point of using an average keyboard for gaming when you can get a keyboard specifically designed with the necessary features for gaming? It’s like wearing Air Jordan or Air Force One shoes to play soccer when you could just get boots designed for playing soccer.

Yes, Gaming keyboards were specifically built for gaming, so they tend to make gaming better and easier than normal keyboards. Gaming Keyboards are usually faster, precise, more responsive, and more durable than average keyboards.

Not that there aren’t normal keyboards that are decent for gaming, but these keyboards weren’t designed typically with only gamers in mind.

For some, gaming keyboards make them better gamers. Gaming keyboards possess better feedback, better precision, and better features generally than average keyboards. They are designed to improve your gameplay.

In some cases, gaming keyboards can make a huge difference between winning and losing.

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Benefits Of Gaming Keyboards

First, gaming keyboards improve your gameplay. They make your gaming enjoyable and give you a better gaming experience.

Gaming keyboards are also more precise and faster than average keyboards. They have a faster response time and fewer latency issues than average keyboards. Also, gaming keyboards also come with better features like RGB and are also more durable than normal keyboards.

The Best Gaming Keyboards for 2022

Corsair K100 RGB, Corsair K70 RGB TKL, Patriot Viper V765, Razer Huntsman V2, Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro, and Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT are some of the best gaming keyboards current on the market.

For budget gaming keyboards, EVGA Z15, HyperX Alloy Core RGB, and G Skill KM360 are considered some of the best budget gaming keyboards on the market.

The Best Gaming Keyboards – Our Top Picks

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard
Best Budget Pick
  • Ip32 water resistant
  • 10-zone RGB illumination
  • Whisper quiet gaming switches
  • Premium magnetic wrist rest.
Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, Pad & Headset Combo
Combo Pick
  • This bundle includes 4 items
  • PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Gaming, and more
  • RGB for the ultimate PC Gaming Experience.
Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard
Premium Pick
  • Wireless Gaming Gear
  • Lightspeed wireless delivers
  • Light sync tech provides RGB lighting.

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Are Wireless Keyboards Bad For Gaming?

Not really. Some are good for gaming because they allow you more freedom to move your keyboard since there’s no wired attachment.

But, one of the issues wireless keyboards has that makes them the least preferred type of keyboard by some games is because they tend to have lag issues or slower response time. Might not be immediate for some wireless keyboards, but over time, they tend to develop this issue.

And for gamers, a lagging keyboard or a keyboard with a slow response time can cause a lot of trouble and frustration.

Another issue is their battery life. Some do not have a long-lasting battery life, which means you have to constantly make sure it’s charged. It might not be an issue at first until you get carried away, and your keyboard gets disconnected.

Are Cheap Gaming Keyboards Worth It?

Sometimes. Cheap isn’t always bad. Expensive isn’t always the best. There are many cheap keyboards that’ll function and feel better than the most expensive gaming keyboards out there. Many expensive keyboards, just like most expensive things in the world, are just overpriced.

However, you just have to be careful when buying a cheap gaming keyboard because the same way cheap isn’t always bad, cheap can also be terrible. The most expensive keyboards are expensive because of the better features they possess.

Are Membrane Keyboards Bad For Gaming?

They aren’t bad for gaming at all and are still preferred for gaming by many. Membrane keyboards are less expensive than mechanical keyboards but, are also considered inferior to mechanical keyboards by some people.

They are less durable, and do not possess the features on mechanical keyboards that make your gaming experience better but, these things don’t still make them bad for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mini Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Yes. Mini keyboards are considered the best for gaming by some people because they reduce the strain on your hands and fingers.

With mini keyboards, you would stretch your fingers less to reach for the keys on your keyboard. Also, using a gaming keyboard allows your mouse to be closely positioned and gives you more room to move your mouse.

Are Split Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Yes. Split keyboards are really good for gaming because they allow you to adjust your keyboard to adjust each half of the keyboard to any angle perfect for you.

The split feature allows you the freedom to position each half of the keyboard in a position comfortable for your arm and wrist. This is a really awesome feature because it reduces stress and strain on your arm and fingers.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

This depends on preference. But from our point of view, mechanical keyboards although more expensive than membrane keyboards have better feedback, are more durable, and have a faster response than membrane keyboards, and they have key rollover.

Also, mechanical keyboards tend to give a better gaming experience for many gamers than membrane keyboards.

Are Wired Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Yes. Wired keyboards are better than wireless keyboards for gaming, especially for competitive gaming because they have better feedback, better response time with little or no lagging issues compared to wireless keyboards, and there’s no risk of interference or your keyboard going off while gaming due to battery issues.

Can Gaming Keyboards Make You A Better Gamer?

Not so much. Although gaming keyboards give you a better gaming experience with the features they possess, they don’t really improve your gaming skills in the actual sense.

They can give you better gameplay, and improve your control and precision, compared to an average keyboard, but what makes you a better gamer is how much you’ve spent playing a game or how well you’ve mastered the game.

Final Thoughts

Gaming keyboards can make a huge difference in our gameplay and give us better gaming experiences because that was what they were designed to do.

They would be better and more efficient for gaming than average keyboards.

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