Arcane Legends Best Classes, Ranked (2024)

Arcane Legends Best Classes

In 2012, Spacetime Studios released the free-to-play multiplayer mobile game Arcane Legends for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

After Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends, this was the fourth installment in Spacetime Studios’ “Legends” series, and by far their most successful one.

Of course, despite the game’s age, it is still retaining a massively successful following of players every single day, and there’s so much more to uncover with each update that the developers give it.

The most important aspect of this game’s design was its class system. It was truly a great change of pace for most gamers, and it added such a vivid variety to the gameplay variations that it compelled players to try out everything that’s available in the game.

The content kept coming, so players kept grinding, and now, there’s such a steady and climactic range of gameplay additions that revolve around the three main classes. So, if you’re new to Arcane Legends, let us guide you on what the best class is in the game, and why they’re good! 

The Best Classes In Arcane Legends

Here are the best Arcane Legends classes ranked for you:

1. Rogue

Arcane Legends might be one of the most strategic games out there, and it might take a lot of time to master any class, the hardest of which might be the Rogue. However, the rogue class is by far the greatest in the whole game, and that’s precisely why this class is the most popular and has some of the priciest weapons, jewels, and cosmetic items.

This is just a simple reality. Arcane Legends’ Rogue class is a fun damage dealer, but despite being a melee class, it has much weaker defenses than the melee class for example. This means that players will need to step diligently and shrewdly in addition to working together with their teams.

Even though Rogues have a few assist classes, they can deal a HUGE burst of damage in such a short time, it makes fighting against them feel unfair. However, if caught amidst a group of opponents, Rogues can easily be conquered.

This class requires a lot of strategy to master, yet once you understand how to play them, their total damage output will push you through the finish line.

Looking at it from the perspective of PvE, Rogues can kill enemies very quickly, which is entirely the purpose of this class. The class description for Rogues literally states that they’re made to deal damage.

The fact that Rogues can kill enemies quicker is an important thing in PvE, killing enemies quickly means that you will clean the area much faster, which results in the player earning a lot more gold than other classes.

You can head into a game on any map and have a full stack of Mages, Warriors, and Rogues with you, and you’ll quickly realize that Rogues are always going to be cleaning up faster than the others.

This makes them the best at farming because you can clean up so quickly against all enemies. Not to mention, Rogues now have decent armor thanks to Awakens.

On the topic of PvP, due to their high damage, high critical rate, and single target bruising, Rogues are that class in PvP that simply stomp their opponents.

Warriors and Mages could once use some items, like the Ebon Aegis before it was nerfed. But now since Rogues are the game’s best class and can deliver a ton of single-target damage, PvP has completely transformed and has turned into a game of chess whereas, with a Rogue, you simply have to take down your opponents one by one. 

2. Warrior

If you want to play the tank role in groups in Arcane Legends, the warrior class is the one for you. Warriors are simply phenomenal when it comes to tanking damage and fighting people head-on, whereas Rogues attack usually by surprise, and in single targets, Warriors can take on groups of enemies at once.

A decent advantage Warriors have over Rogues is that if you play properly, you can virtually become invincible in PvE maps. They also have the best Rage Ultimate and the coolest vanity/cosmetic items in the game.

The Warrior class has two major stats and several active skills that make them stronger than any other class in the game when it comes to withstanding mob attacks and boss hits.

When coupled with the right equipment, weapons, and pets, their high health bar and powerful defenses render them unbeatable, though you will have to GRIND hard to reach that point in the game itself, of course. 

There are two main and popular Warrior builds, and they’re both primarily geared toward tanking damage rather than dealing it.

However, when one of the classes does place a huge emphasis on dealing damage to enemies, there’s still a large margin of error where they can simply tank most of the hits that come their way. If you’re about to deal with a large number of players in PvP, the Warrior tank class that deals a lot of damage might end up being your saving grace. Especially if those players are unable to properly DPS… 

3. Sorcerer

Sorcerers are a unique class, to say the least. They are the only ranged class in Arcane Legends, which increases their value tenfold in comparison to the other two melee classes.

However, they are also the weakest class in the game. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re a bad class by any means, they just don’t have the same advantages as the others do. Their playstyle mainly revolves around hitting and running away to safe distances, until they are able to deplete their opponents’ health bars. 

Of course, Sorcerers don’t have a lot of health, and the items they carry aren’t much help when it comes to protecting them from several mob attacks or any boss attacks. However, this is a stark contrast to their ability to damage, which is simply some of the best in the game.

Sorcerers can attack enemies and yield insane amounts of DPS, depending on the build, the stats, and the skills that your character has. There are also some really good weapons and pets that you can equip, which will add even more firepower to your Sorcerer’s kit. 

The Sorcerer’s AoE damage is what makes them so powerful, as most players tend to stick close to their tank and help them from afar with burst attacks and AoE attacks that deal multitudes of damage to any opposition in front.

In PvE, they can take out mobs with said AoE attacks, meanwhile in PvP, the hitting and running away strategy works out to perfection if the opponent isn’t careful enough. There’s a lot of customization here too, you can either force yourself to become a glass cannon or a swift runner that can escape faster than the rest. 


It depends on what mode you intend to play primarily. If you wish to casually dabble a bit in both PvP and PvE, then Warrior might be the go-to class for you.

However, if you’re wishing to play primarily and properly in either of those modes, then Rogue is by far the go-to class for anyone looking to be good at the game. It’s going to take a while to master the game, learn the strategies and figure out what build works best for you, but you can simply never go wrong with the Rogue class in Arcane Legends.

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