FF14 Dancer Rotation Guide (2023)

ff14 dancer rotation guide

Dancer is a very good utility in Final Fantasy 14. Hence, the personal DPS is lower and Dancer is also very good when it comes to Dungeons due to different survivability tactics.

When it comes to the Dancer, it seems a bit tricky since it totally depends on the situation. Sometimes, a Dancer may seem like the best option and at other times, they might not be ideal. However, that’s the beauty of it.

The origin of Dancer is from the Near Eastern nation of Thavnair and their movements are hailed as beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, but deadly as thorns on a rose.

Final Fantasy 14 Dancer Rotation Guide

Today, we are going to talk about the FF14 Dancer Rotation guide. How to make the best out of your Dancer? Let’s find out.

One/Single Target Rotation

ff14 dancer rotation guide

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The Dancer has simple and easy rotation as they are between Fountain and Cascade. The Cascade weapon skill has the potential of 250 attacking power, making it a very respectable skill. Cascade, coupled up with Fountain allows you to do extra damage from Combo Action.

However, without Cascade, Fountain will only deliver an attack of 100 potencies. But when it’s combined, you can expect it to deliver the attack with the potency of 300.

When you combine Fountain with Cascade, you might be able to cultivate Flourishing Cascade which will then allow you to use an attack called Reverse Cascade. The Reverse Cascade has the potency of 300 itself.

On the other hand, when it comes to Fountain, you can expect the same results. There’s a 50% chance that you’ll be able to use Fountainfall with a potency of 300.

Dancer’s Fan Dance

ff14 dancer rotation guide

When it comes to Fan Dance, it’s pretty straightforward. There are a total of 3 fan dances, one for a single target and the other two are AoE. Don’t worry, we’ll get to AoE in a moment. When you use the “Flourishing” abilities, you have a 50% chance of triggering Fan Dance 1 or 2.

Additionally, Fan Dance 1 and 2 have the potential of triggering Fan Dance 3 which is the ultimate level.

Now, let’s talk about all the Fan Dances and their level of damage.

Fan Dance :

Fan Dance has an attacking potency of 150

Fan Dance II:

Fan Dance has an attacking potency of 100. However, it sends the attack to all the nearby enemies. 

Fan Dance III:

Fan Dance III sends the attack of 200 to the first enemy and then sends 50% less (100) to all the nearby enemies, making it a very deadly attack.

AoE Rotation

ff14 dancer rotation guide

When it comes to AoE, you have two skills ready to use. Let’s talk about the AoE Rotation a little bit.

Windmill is an attack that deals in around 150 damage to all the nearby enemies. And if you use Bladeshower after Windmill, you’ll be doing more damage as a result of a combo attack. If you use Bladeshower alone, you’ll do 100 damage but when dealing it with Windmill, the damage is increased to 200.

When you use the combo of both skills, there’s a 50% chance that you’ll trigger Flourishing Windmill which will then allow you to use Rising Windmill with the attacking potency of 300 to the first enemy and then 50% less (150 damage) to all the nearby enemies.

This rotation is quite brutal and can deal a lot of damage.

The same goes for Bladeshower’s combo. There’s a 50% chance that you’ll be able to use Bloodshower with 350 damage to the first enemy and then 50% less damage to all the enemies nearby.

Dancer Step Actions

There are two types of steps of a Dancer. The Standard Step and Technical Step. The steps actions must be used quickly in the fight due to the beauty and the damage it deals when you’re in the heat of that moment. Let’s talk about both Standard and Technical steps and how you can use them wisely.

Standard Step:

The Standard Step attacks all the nearby enemies, however, the attacking potency solely depends on the number of successful steps you took. This incorporates attacking with full potency to the first enemy and then 75% less to all the nearby enemies.

Technical Step:

Just like the standard steps, Technical Step depends on the number of successful steps you took and you should use these steps for maximum benefit for yourself. There are also bonuses included with both Standard and Technical Step which will then give you a boost in the attacking capabilities.

Other Important Dancer Skills

As we’ve already talked about, Dancer has a plethora of party utilities that we can use whenever the right time comes, here are some of the most important ones out there.

Closed Position

Pretty self-explanatory, this skill allows you to share the effect of Standard Finish, Curing Waltz, and Devilment with your party members.

Curing Waltz:

This skill restores the HP of the nearby party members with a healing potency of 300.

Shield Samba:

Shield Samba takes and reduces the damage taken by the enemies and even waives some damage off of your nearby party members by around 10%.


Devilment has the potential to increase your and your dance partner’s direct hits by 20%.

En Avant:

En Avant lets you quickly dash around 10 yalms ahead and you can do around 3 dashes when you reach level 80.


This skill allows you to use Flourishing Fan Dance, Flourishing Fountain, Flourishing Windmill, Flourishing Shower, Flourishing Cascade.


Improvisation increases Esprit Gauge for around 15s. Moreover, the HP healing increases by 10% too.

Important Tips for Dancer Rotation

ff14 dancer rotation guide

Peloton is an important Skill:

A lot of people don’t use this skill but the truth is, it allows you to clear dungeons faster so that you can move on to the next stage.

Practice a Lot

Practicing is the key to slaying FF14. You’ll have to get really good with Standard Step and Technical Step by practicing more and more.

Always Help The Healers:

Skills like Shield Samba will allow you to waive off damage from your healer and it is the absolutely best investment you can make while playing FF14 with Dancer.

Final Verdict

Dancers can be confusing… until they’re not. This guide will surely help you choose the best rotation for Dancer. In the end, the more you practice, the better you become and it’s as simple as that.

You’ll have to be rather technical while using these skills if you want to make the best out of them.

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