10 Best Dating Simulation Games Like Summertime Saga

games like summertime saga

When it comes to the realm of realistic dating games, Summertime Saga takes the cake as one of the best games in the genre.

It is so good that once you get a taste of it, it’s hard to put it down even after multiple playthroughs. So, if you can’t get enough of Summertime Saga and are looking for a similar game that is at least on par with its epicness then you are at the right place.

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Best Simulation Games Like Summertime Saga

Here, we have top 10 games like Summertime Saga you can browse through to choose your next adventure in the dating simulation game world.

1. A Town Uncovered

The closes game too, Summertime Saga is without a doubt A Town uncovered. With a very similar style game design, and more so, a story to go with it, A Town Uncovered definitely takes the cake as one of the best Summertime Saga games you can get right now.

A Town Uncovered, as the name suggests, follows a scenario where we are a senior high school student in a new town. There, it quickly becomes apparent that the residents of that town are open to a public display of lust. And more so, this affection is encouraged rather than looked down upon.

2. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Another game that comes very close to mimic the gameplay elements of Summertime Saga is without a doubt Snow Daze: The Music of winter.

While A Town uncovered is more so focused on an open setting, Snow Daze: The Music of Winter has us stuck inside the house with a bossy family as we are unable to go outside because there is snow blocking our way out.

We are stuck in the house with a Bossy family, and depending on our choices, there is a diverse range of endings that Snow Daze: The Music of Winter covers

3. Always Remember Me

While Summertime Saga has more of a 3D style, Always Remember Me comes up on this list with its anime like art style and visual novel elements attached to its game design and a very similar heartfelt story.

Always Remember Me follows the story of Amy, who works at an Ice Cream Parlor and spends her days peacefully with her boyfriend Aaron. But one day, due to an accident, Aaron loses all his memories.

Now, Amy is stuck between making Aaron remember her, or start a new relationship all over.

4. Melody

Our previous entry, Always Remember Me is an incredibly beautiful game, but if you are looking for something more scenic after Summertime Saga, then, Melody will suit you well.

It is a story about a successful session musician taking a break from their normal job and trying out their luck in something new. But to make ends meet, for now, you take on the job to tutor Melody, who is studying music in college.

This chance encounter may hold something more for us than we hoped for.

5. Mythic Manor

For a visual novel like game design and very anime like 3D characters, Mythic Manor is a true mythic game that is definitely on par with Summertime Saga.

In Mythic Manor, we get the chance to share the mansion with 5 mythical beauties, and as you can imagine, we have the opportunity to get together with any one of them. But, the game does not stop just there, we can even leave the manor, go outside and interact with all the other characters that inhabit the city.

6. Crusoe Had it Easy

If there is one thing that Summertime Saga has taught us, then it is that there always something much darker, harsh reality hidden behind every scenario,

Nothing is always what it seems and our reality may just be based on lies at the very least.

And here, Crusoe had it easy takes the more grim elements of life and presents them in a sandy platter in some of the most grim ways possible. Where taboos can be broken, and lives can be at stake with every choice we make.

7. Lab Rats

Another game, that is very similar to Summertime Saga but has a lot of different, geeky elements added in the mix of a chemical romance, then Lab Rats is your go-to game after Summertime Saga.

Lab Rats, just as the name suggests follows a story where we work in a chemical lab, experimenting and figuring out new and more potent chemical concoctions. 

The game is very technically driven, where you have to continue on solving the chemical based problems that come your way, or when you are feeling a bit down, get comfortable with other characters that come your way.

8. Dreaming of Dana

Although the gameplay in the Dreaming of Dana is quite a bit different from Summertime Saga, but the story and other elements in the story make this entry all the more worth it.

In Dreaming of Dana, we are the spoilt son of a rich father. Where we get to work alongside our father in his business. But, one day in office, we get to know the hottest girl in town, Dana.

She turns out to be our sister, but we just can’t stop thinking about her. The game has a ton of content and mini games to keep you busy for a decent while.

9. Taffy Tales

If you are more into the classic visual novels, the Taffy Tales is definitely a treat for you.

The Game is set around in a town, where everyone, for some reason suffers from a personality disorder. And is up to us to uncover the real reason behind this mystery, and in that get to know the dark secret behind the happenings in this town.

10. Waifu Academy

And last but not the least, we have Waifu Academy. It is a very much graphic novel type game that is graphically pleasing and one of the best looking games on this list.

Its gameplay is similar to Summertime Saga, but with a twist. We are a student in a private academy, where we try and navigate through the dark and malicious happening behind the academy to uncover the one behind our father’s death.

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