MHW Hammer Tier List 2023: Best Hammer Builds, Ranked

MHW Hammer Builds Tier List 2022

Monster Hunter World introduces a series of beautiful hammers; each comes with unique characteristics.

No doubt, hammers are fabulous weapons and help you defeat enemies, as they are designed for damage, stunning, blunt, and eliminating enemies. Using hammers of your choice, you are capable of punishing and stun locking enemies for a specific time.

Furthermore, hammers can easily absurd damage potential and keep enemies in one spot for players to attack and defeat them.

Although using the best hammer depends on your encounter, the Best Hammer Tier List is for those players to use in battles. We won’t need to share the best hammers to use during combat and help you obtain and share their stats for your better understanding.

Here’s the Monster Hunter World Tier List Best Hammer Builds Rank.

Monster Hunter World Hammer Tier List

We’ve compiled a list of Best Hammers that you can use to put your enemies and vicious monsters to sleep. The crafting method for each hammer is different and will cost you in-game currency.

You are supposed to obtain materials to complete quests and utilize them to craft hammers of your dream. Our list stats with the best hammers. 

1. Diablos Shattered 3

MHW Diablos Shattered 3 Hammer

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Ice Damage210

For defeating enemies with no time, Diablos Shattered 3 is the choice for everyone. It is built borrowing the parts from Diablos Dragon and can bring vicious monsters down shortly.

The attack power of the said hammer is almost 1,196 with bonus ice damage.

The hammer has +15 points to defense and a -25 affinity when it comes to defense. Furthermore, the weapon is designed for the most damage possible per hit without compromising the quality.

How to Obtain Diablos Shattered 3?

To obtain one of the best Monster Hunter World hammers is possible for upgrading its version, you need the following materials:

  • Monster Slogbone – 3
  • Diablos Chime – 5
  • Twisted Stouthorn – 3
  • Diablos Chine – 5
  • Zenny – 24,000.

2. Baan Strike 3

baan strike 3

It has been built using the pieces of the Radobaan monster, serving as the weaker and stronger characters.

The hammer is almost nothing when it comes to scoffing; meanwhile, it has the great ability to put enemies to sleep. It is the perfect choice for solo players as it can speedily eliminate monsters, giving them the ability to escape or recover.

Lots of players can put demons to using the hammer.

How to Obtain the Baan Strike 3?

To upgrade your Baan Strike 3, you have to obtain the following materials first, such as:

  • Ban Strike 2
  • Coma Sac – 4
  • Elder Dragon Bone – 5
  • Radobaan Carapace – 6
  • Wyvern Gem
  • Zenny – 32000.

3. Ragefire Magda Floga

Ragefire Magda Floga MHW Best Hammer Builds

Parts of Zorah Magdaros are used to construct Ragefire Madga Hammer, and it is designed to deal with the great damage at 1,144 and blast.

Furthermore, the weapon is designed to suffer from -20% affinity, along with +20 to defense.

At first glance, the hammer doesn’t seem impressive, but it will be in your favor in any situation. It makes it suitable for lots of builds and makes it stand third on our list.

How to Obtain Ragefire Magda Floga?

There are almost five different materials you need to obtain the Ragefire Magda Floga, and the very thing you need is the hammer in itself: 

  • Firecell Stone – 3
  • Xeno Jiiva Shell – 4
  • Zorah Magdaros Ridge – 2
  • Zorah Magdaros Pieura – 2
  • Zenny – 56,000.

4. Devil’s Crush

Devil’s Crush
Dragon Damage210

If you are looking for something deadly from the corpse of a Deviljho, then the mentioned hammer is a great arm and will help you take on enemies shortly.

The possibility of reaching the white sharpness is a bit high; therefore, you are advised to use Protective Polish to preserve it.

It would help if you kept in mind that the hammer suffers from a -30% affinity while having high Dragon Damage. 

How to obtain the Devil’s Crush?

The material you need to obtain the Devil’s Crush is the following:

  • Elder Dragon Blood – 5
  • Deviljho Tallfang – 5
  • Zenny – 54,000
  • Deviljho Gem
  • Deiljjo Scalp – 2.

5. Taroth Hammer Sleep

Taroth Hammer Sleep

According to many players, Taroth Hammer is the best weapon because of its unique ability that players can use to inflict sleep with each hit.

Using the hammer, you can drop the monsters on the ground for a while to get a chance to recover, lay traps, and more. Surely, you would be confused why it isn’t ranking higher when it has such a beautiful ability.

Not getting high rank is that the battle usually is long and drawn out affairs pauses.

How to obtain Taroth Hamer Sleep?

You can easily obtain the Taroth Hammer Sleep from the Fury of El Dorado Quest. However, you can also use awakening alchemy to get that hammer. Furthermore, here’s a list of material if you are considering to make it through the Awakening Alchemy:

  • 300 Melding Points – 100
  • 600 RP – 200
  • A Large Elder Dragon Bone.

6. Buona Flora

Buona Flora
Poison Damage540

Although Buona Flora doesn’t do enough damage like other hammers, it is designed to deal poison damage with each hit.

Buona Flora is considered the best weapon for fighting with a few enemies as it causes poison. Furthermore, the procedure of crafting the hammer is pretty simple and can be done from a Pukei-Pukei.

How to Obtain Buona Flora?

It would help if you kept in mind that Buona Flora belongs to the Blooming Hammer Upgrade tree. To upgrade the hammer, the player must collect the following material first:

  • Quality Bone – 3
  • Toxin Sac – 2
  • Pukei-Pukei Wing – 2
  • Pukei-Pukei Scale+ – 2
  • Blooming Hammer 3
  • Zenny – 6000.

You are also allowed to craft the hammer directly using the material, such as 12,000 Zenny, Carbalite Ore (8), Toxin Sac (2), and Pukei-Pukei Wings (4).

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