Calus Bobbleheads In Destiny 2 (Complete Guide)

Calus bobbleheads in Destiny 2

Track down these Calus collectibles to finish a victory required for the season title.

Chasing after all of Destiny 2‘s bobblehead areas? Watch out: While fishing the creepy profundities of the Leviathan during the Season of the Haunted, you could chance upon a bobblehead that seems to be the ex-head of the Cabal.

There are right now four to gather and you’ll require them for a victory fundamental for guaranteeing that occasional title.

Likewise, with past season collectibles, more bobbleheads will be added with every week after week reset, so I’ll make certain to keep this guide refreshed when new ones show up. Here are the four unique Calus bobblehead areas in Destiny 2, and the additional items that have been added as a component of the new week-after-week Sever exercises.

Predetermination 2 bobblehead areas

There are six Destiny 2 bobbleheads up until this point. Utilize the nav bar to leap to the one you’re searching for, and look at each picture exhibition to assist you with pinpointing their accurate areas.

At the point when you transmat into the Castellum quickly stroll forward and go left to track down a locked entryway with a switch close to it. The bobblehead is inside, yet you can open it subsequent to finishing level III of the Nightmare Containment occasion.

When finished, a message will seem to say that “Two lockdown conventions in the Castellum have briefly lifted” randomly opening two entryways nearby. Assuming fortune has smiled on you, you’ll have the option to open the entryway and snatch the bobblehead. In the event that not, you’ll need to attempt once more.

Enter the Royal Pools and go to the farthest right-hand side. Inside the long room with the points of support, you’ll track down an opening that leads down into a boat. Follow the passage and you’ll ultimately show up at the bobblehead.

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A Callus bobblehead location to check

This one is by a wide margin the most straightforward. Go to the monster sculpture of Calus remaining on the stage close to the focal point of the nurseries and look behind it to find the bobblehead.

This bobblehead is found in the Sever (Shame) mission. Whenever you’ve opened it, manage the Leviathan until you arrive where you’re approached to flip four manual abrogate switches. One of them expects you to get a wrench and use it to switch off a mass of power impeding your way to one of the switches.

At the point when you go into the room with the switch, hop along the lines on the right side and move up to find the bobblehead at the highest point of the room.

This one is quite simple to find. Head into the Sever (Reconciliation) mission, plant the principal reference point, obliterate the bend batteries, and slither through the vents until you emerge into a passageway.

Presently, go to the third vent entrance alone. Creep up through it and on your left side, you’ll find the Calus bobblehead.

Another simple one this week! After you plant the main enhancer in the new Sever Grief mission, a bunch of entryways will open before you. Basically turn left, walk a little way, and look behind the box to find the Calus bobblehead.

To find this bobblehead, you’ll need to deal with the Sever (Forgiveness) action until you place the enhancer soon after you meet Zavala. You’ll enter a long line-like room. Clear your path through it until you need to bounce up to a stage with two round tanks on the right side (it’s not far).

Admire your right in the middle of between the tanks to see a subtle Calus bobblehead.

In the Sever (Rage) movement, after you cripple the electric obstruction and drop down, you’ll go into a room with a manual superseded switch in which an Unrelenting Nightmare shows up and begins pursuing you. Head along this room and take a left into a downwards slanting hallway.

Continue to go directly until you arrive at the following room and drop off the edge of the stage.

Slither under it and you’ll find the Calus bobblehead.

For this one, you need to quit wasting time in Sever resolve where you’ve crippled the regulation forcefield by consuming the Unrelenting Nightmare.

Advance along the room with the huge fans until you’ve passed two of them, then, at that point, admire the left to see a stage. Hop up onto it and you’ll find a little room with what resembles imploded racks.

Go to the far end and peer down to one side to see the Calus bobblehead.

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